Survivor Season 40 recap: It’s time to switch tribes and vote someone out

Tyson Extinction
Tyson Apostol shown on Extinction Island during Survivor 40, Episode 5. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

It’s Survivor Season 40 recap time again! It’s also time for the tribes to get shaken up.

The big moment from the new episode on March 11 is that host Jeff Probst had the remaining castaways drop their buffs and draw for placement in new tribes.

During the last episode, Tyson Apostol was eliminated, sending him on a trip straight to Extinction Island.

Tyson, Amber Mariano, Danni Boatwright, Ethan Zohn, and Natalie Anderson were now the five people residing on the secondary island.

Survivor Season 40, Episode 5 recap

The episode started with Nick Wilson discovering that Tyson had left him the Fire Token he lost by getting voted out.

Yul Kwon was shown speaking about former castaway Jonathan Penner, whose wife is dealing with ALS. Yul noted that he was playing for more than himself this season and wanted to bring attention to ALS and how it impacts people.

New Survivor tribes

The Sele and Dakal tribes met up with host Jeff Probst pretty quickly in the episode. This was where he told them that it was time to drop their buffs.

It was also time to shift from having just two tribes to having three tribes. With 15 castaways left in the game, it meant that there would be five of them on each tribe.

The new-look tribes were as follows:

Sele (blue): Parvati Shallow, Nick Wilson, Yul Kwon, Michele Fitzgerald, and Wendell Holland.

Dakal (red): Jeremy Collins, Denise Stapley, Tony Vlachos, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe.

Yara (green): Rob Mariano, Ben Driebergen, Adam Klein, Sarah Lucina, and Sophie Clarke.

Camp life was interesting to watch as the new groups of five people each tried to figure out where they stood. Having Rob and Adam on the same tribe again was very interesting.

Sophie found one of the split Hidden Immunity Idols, and she decided to share it with Sarah. It would become a whole one if they both survived Tribal Council.

Tribe Immunity Challenge

The new obstacle course was a tough one for the new tribes and everyone would be participating. Sandra Diaz-Twine couldn’t sit this one out — which was something she addressed on social media recently.

Sele won the challenge, Dakal came in second place, and Yara lost the Immunity Challenge. This meant that Rob, Ben, Adam, Sarah, and Sophie would be facing elimination in front of Jeff.

Tribal Council No. 6

It was an odd Tribal Council, especially with just five people there. It also led to an interesting discussion with Jeff, as the two women and three men appeared to be on completely different sides of things

Jeff read off the votes as follows: Sarah, Rob, Rob, and Rob.

Rob Mariano became the sixth person voted off of Survivor: Winners at War.

Rob then gave his Fire Tokens to Parvati on the way out.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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