Survivor Ponderosa video for Liana Wallace released, Liana also answers fan questions

Liana Voted Off Survivor 41
Liana Wallace finished in seventh place on Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Liana Wallace’s first Survivor: Ponderosa video has been released following a very emotional Tribal Council on the show.

A dramatic and emotional episode of Survivor 41 ended with Liana getting voted out on a 5-3 vote. She finished in seventh place for the season and then became a member of the Survivor jury.

After that episode aired, quite a few Survivor fans complained about the Do or Die twist that had been presented, showing how many people were upset with luck playing into whether or not someone stayed in the game.

And after Liana got voted out, she traveled to the Ponderosa camp, which is where all of the jury members reside from the time they get voted out until they have to place a vote on who should be named the Survivor winner.

Liana’s Survivor: Ponderosa video is short and sweet

Below is the first video from Ponderosa that showcases Liana, where she expresses herself through spoken word. It’s just a brief glimpse at Liana’s time at Ponderosa, with a full-length video likely to get released soon that will show her spending time with the other Survivor 41 jurors.

Liana answers questions from Survivor fans

Below are some videos that were shared of Liana Wallace answering questions that were asked by Survivor fans. She shares more about her experiences in the game and gives some additional first-hand comments about Survivor 41 in Fiji.

In this first video, Liana talks about one thing from her season that she “will never, ever forget.”

In this next video, Liana addresses why she didn’t stick with the Yase Tribe post-merge. It gives a lot more insight into what Liana was feeling during the game and answers a few questions that Survivor fans had while watching the season play out.

And the topic that had a lot of Survivor fans buzzing for a while was the secret power that Liana had this season and how she decided to play it. In this video below, she also addresses whether or not she regretted letting other people know that she had the power in her hands.

There aren’t many episodes left on the Fall 2021 Survivor TV schedule to decide to showcase the Survivor 41 cast. In fact, it’s almost time to find out who Liana Wallace and the rest of the Survivor 41 jury voted to become the $1 million winner in Fiji.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Oh gawd, here we go again. Yet another environmentally conditioned dumb delusional disinformed anti-white hypocrite.

2 years ago

HAHA! I stopped watching after episode 2, but after seeing this news I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode and this idiot being voted out after giving her racist speech and playing her victim card to no avail. I’m lovin it! Go Xander! LOL

2 years ago

Seriously, who cares?! She is literally the worst, uneducated, hypocritical and most incapable contestant in Survivor history. Bye Felicia! :)