Survivor: John Cochran says he won’t play the game again

John Cochran Survivor
Survivor winner John Cochran retired from the show as a champion. Pic credit: CBS

John Cochran has already played Survivor twice, but he recently stated that he would not come back for a third time.

We first saw John Cochran as a member of the Survivor: South Pacific cast. He did pretty well that season, finishing in eighth place.

John was invited back to play on Survivor: Caramoan, where he ended up winning the season and the $1 million prize.

When John won the title of Sole Survivor on Season 26, he did so by completing the rare Survivor perfect game. The term is used for a castaway that receives no elimination votes during the season and who then becomes a unanimous winner at the finale.

J.T. Thomas from Survivor: Tocantins was the first to accomplish the impressive win, making John the second person to do it a few years later.

John Cochran is done with Survivor

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, John spoke about why he would not want to return to Survivor for a third time. He was asked by Dalton Ross if he would play the game again if the producers asked him to return.

“No, but it’s not out of a diminished love for the show (which is best enjoyed when you’re able to watch it purely as a fan and not as someone eyeing up competition while plotting a return appearance),” John stated.

“I was a law student on summer vacation the last two times I played; doing it now would be significantly more disruptive to my job and nervous system. And, in any case, I’m at peace with and truly grateful for how my Survivor journey ended: hugging Debbie on a boat in episode 5 of Game Changers,” John went on to explain.

News about Survivor 41 and 42

Two new seasons of Survivor are in the works. The great news is that the seasons will be filmed back-to-back in Fiji and give CBS some content for the next television season.

The additional good news is that it looks like these Survivor casts will be entirely new people. There are a lot of Survivor rumors about an upcoming season of second-chance castaways, but the next two seasons should introduce brand new people for the fans at home.

As for John Cochran, it certainly would have been interesting to see how he could have done on Survivor: Winners at War, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s also interesting to note that Jeff Probst did try to get John to return for Survivor 40, but that the former winner wasn’t very interested.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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