Survivor 41 rumors: Fan site shares possible filming schedule

Michele on Survivor 40
It’s almost time for a new Survivor cast to begin competing for the $1 million prize. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 41 rumors are starting to float around after it was revealed that Fiji has opened back up for television production. It means that a new cast is going to be filming new episodes of Survivor very soon.

Amid these rumors is some very interesting information that one fan site has posted. None of this information has been confirmed by CBS or the production team for Survivor, so take everything with a grain of salt.

At the same time, it is still very exciting that we have now entered a time period where filming is a hot topic and not just when she show might ever return to CBS.

Survivor 41 got canceled on the fall 2020 schedule when production couldn’t be completed. The coronavirus pandemic encompassed nearly the entire globe, forcing nearly every television show to postpone production. It became especially difficult for shows with filming locations outside of the United States.

When we learned in February that Survivor 41 could begin filming again soon, it was a welcome bit of news. It also points to a fall 2021 premiere of the new season on CBS.

And that brings us to the latest Survivor rumors, which were posted as part of an Instagram story on the page called realitytv_fan. Remember that these are just unconfirmed rumors, but it is certainly good for sparking a conversation about the show.

Unconfirmed Survivor 41 rumors

According to these new Survivor rumors, the Survivor 41 cast will fly to Fiji next week, go through a two-week quarantine, and then begin filming during the first week of April.

It was a while ago that information was released stating that the Survivor 41 cast had already been decided upon – they just needed a chance to go film the show. CBS also revealed that casting for its reality competition shows will be much different from in the past.

Unconfirmed Survivor 42 rumors

It has become a regular plan for Survivor seasons to be filmed back-to-back in Fiji and that may continue with Survivor 42. The latest rumors state that the Survivor 42 cast will fly to Fiji in late April to begin its two-week quarantine. Then, that cast will film its season shortly after the Survivor 41 cast has finished up its season.

It could be a busy spring of Survivor filming, with the plan to air Survivor 41 in fall 2021 and Survivor 42 in spring 2022 on CBS.

Stay tuned, because if we learn any confirmed information about the themes, casts, and filming dates of the upcoming seasons, we will make sure to pass it on.

Survivor is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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