Survivor host Jeff Probst explains the reasons for new sit-out rule

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Jeff Probst always has interesting thoughts about Survivor castaways. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor fans had complained for several years about the unclear sit-out rules.

As Jeff Probst explained before, castaways could not sit out consecutive challenges.

But there was a wrinkle to that rule. It meant consecutive challenges within a single cycle.

Everything would reset at a Tribal Council. If there were no Reward Challenges, the same people could sit out (technically) consecutive Immunity Challenges.

The game was sped up to be completed in 26 days (rather than the old 39-day length). This meant less time to battle for rewards.

It also created a situation where one person frequently sat out.

Jeff Probst explains the new sit-out rules

“You cannot sit out of back-to-back challenges, period. So, whoever sits out of this challenge will run in the next challenge. Make sense?” Jeff told the Survivor 45 castaways during Episode 2.

It makes sense. And it should alleviate any future questions. Simplifying the rule also makes it easier for Survivor fans (at home) to understand.

During the 39-day seasons, episodes typically featured two challenges. That made it easier to notice when someone was sitting out too often. An adjustment to the rule was needed when the seasons became shortened.

Claire Rafson from Survivor 44 forced this rule change

Survivor fans saw Claire sit out three consecutive Immunity Challenges during Season 44.

It led to pushback from fans and her fellow tribe members.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Claire sitting out became a hot topic on social media. It also led to Jeff addressing the situation during his On Fire podcast.

The podcast has returned this fall, accompanying episodes of the reality competition show on Wednesdays.

New Survivor episodes are 90 minutes long, providing additional footage for fans to enjoy.

Hopefully, the producers keep this format for future seasons. For now, it is seen as a consequence of the Hollywood strikes. Those strikes have limited production for shows like NCIS and Fire Country.

More Survivor news

Hannah Rose spoke about why she quit Survivor 45. She provided her reasoning for asking the Lulu Tribe to vote her out at the first Tribal Council.

Social media has not been kind to Hannah following her elimination. Fans still debate whether or not she took a spot from someone else.

Recently eliminated castaway Brandon Donlon also spoke about his experience. Brandon shared a goal he completed on Survivor 45. He also talked about suffering a panic attack and blacking out.

Previous episodes from Survivor 45 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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