Survivor alum plays Jeopardy!: How did Drew Basile do?

Drew Survivor 45
Returning champion on Jeopardy! became the new nickname for Drew Basile from Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Drew Basile from Survivor 45 was on the June 19 episode of Jeopardy! and showed what he could do.

The Survivor alum had a tough task ahead of him if he wanted to win, as he had to deal with a returning champion looking to make some history.

Adriana Harmeyer had won 15 straight episodes before the June 19 installment. Her 15-day winnings were $349,600.

Host Ken Jennings noted that one more victory would place Adriana on the all-time list of Jeopardy! champions.

Non-profit strategist Tekla Sauter was the third player on stage.

During his season of Survivor, Drew showed how intelligent he was, but would his smarts translate to Jeopardy?

Drew Basile from Survivor takes on Jeopardy!

The first category was Movie Refreshments, and Drew started quickly by getting credit for three of the first five clues.

Control of the board bounced around during the first round, showing it would be a competitive night on the Jeopardy! stage.

Drew correctly answered the final clue in the first round, netting him $1,000 as they headed into Double Jeopardy!

The first-round scores had Adriana at $8,100, Drew at $5,600, and Tekla at $3,200.

Can Drew beat Adriana to win Jeopardy!?

Midway through the second round, Drew went on a run of responses that got him to $13,200 and a slight lead over Adriana in the money totals.

With Drew at $12,800 in the second round, he came across a Daily Double in the category of Historic Ships. He wagered $10,000 and got it correct, pushing him to $22,800 and a large lead.

Tekla got the final Daily Double a bit later. She got it correct to gain $3,000 on her total.

At the end of the second round, Drew had a commanding lead over the ladies. Drew had $23,600 to his credit, Tekla had $10,600, and Adriana had $9,300.

The Final Jeopardy! category was Brands, and Drew didn’t have to bet any money to win.

Drew joked with his final response after wagering only $118. He finished with $23,482 and was named a giant-killer for taking out the returning champion. Tekla had $18,601 and Adriana had $7,900.

Drew now becomes the defending champion and will defend his title on the next new Jeopardy! episode.

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