Survivor 46 reveals intense finale sneak peek: Liz Wilcox celebrates, Ben and Maria trade barbs

Liz Wilcox Survivor
Liz Wilcox finished in fourth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A sneak peek from the Survivor 46 season finale shows that the game is about to get cutthroat.

Fresh off Q Burdette getting blindsided, the clip below features the final five players reacting to what happened.

To summarize, Maria Gonzalez and Q planned to blindside Charlie Davis, a castaway Maria had been working closely with in Fiji.

But Charlie was part of a different blindside plan to dupe Maria and vote out Q. The human smokescreen (Q) finally saw his final Tribal Council as a player.

Survivor fans will see Q again when he sits with the Survivor jury during the season finale. He also gets to vote on the winner.

Maria was on an island after that vote, putting her in a difficult spot as she tried to make it to the final three this season.

A sneak peek from the Survivor 46 season finale

It’s a short look at the opening segment from the season finale, but this sneak peek provides some insight into where the players stand.

The final five players have returned to camp following the Q vote, and Liz Wilcox finally gets to celebrate.

After several episodes of trying to get Q out, Liz finally succeeded with the help of other castaways. The blindside vote led to Maria lashing out a bit.

“Y’all are playing way harder than I thought,” Maria seems to say in a passive-aggressive manner.

“Yeah. We could have told you that. But we didn’t,” Ben Katzman responds.

See the final five reacting to that Q elimination and what’s ahead in the clip below.

The final episode of Survivor 46

Survivor 46 ends on Wednesday, May 22. It’s a three-hour presentation, covering the process of going from the final five down to the final three.

Once three people are left, the Survivor 46 jury takes over. Someone leaves Fiji with the $1 million prize, and the castaways have another pizza party to discuss the season.

There is no Survivor Reunion Show, which is a shame since this cast would have been fun on the big stage.

More from Survivor 46

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Charlie Davis also shared a video of his family celebrating after they saw what happened with the Q Burdette elimination. Charlie had been at risk of getting voted out.

Hunter McKnight stated why he saved his Immunity Idol. It was a mistake that changed how the game progressed.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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