Survivor 41 ratings: Show still doing well for CBS

Survivor 41 Challenge
Naseer Muttalif, Deshawn Radden, and Danny McCray are part of the Survivor 41 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 ratings reveal that millions of CBS viewers still want to see what new groups of castaways are up to in Fiji.

After a long hiatus following Survivor 40, the reality competition show finally returned with a new season this fall.

So far, two episodes have aired for Survivor 41, providing an early look at how many people are tuning in each week for the new content.

Though there have been a number of Survivor fans frustrated with format changes to the show itself, the numbers still look pretty good overall.

Survivor 41 ratings: Still a success for CBS

Through the first two episodes of Survivor Season 41, the show is averaging more than six million live viewers each night. And that includes the lengthy two-hour premiere that introduced the 18 new cast members.

For the Survivor 41 season premiere, CBS drew a 1.06 rating for the 18-49 demographic, and an estimated 6.25 million viewers tuned in. For Episode 2, the numbers dipped slightly, with CBS drawing a 1.00 rating and 5.9 million viewers.

In comparison to Survivor 39, which aired in Fall 2019, that season premiere drew an estimated 6.29 million viewers. The Fall 2019 season also averaged a 1.19 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.42 million viewers.

Survivor 42 has already been ordered and filmed

CBS is very confident in the future of Survivor, leading to early orders for future seasons. In fact, Survivor 42 was already ordered and filmed, with the intent to show it during the Spring 2022 television season.

We even know the names of the Survivor 42 cast members already. This speaks volumes about how the network is willing to keep airing new episodes of the show, even if the ratings have dipped slightly compared to past seasons. And none of these numbers for the current season count the DVR and streaming stats yet.

It is expected that a few million additional viewers will get added to the Survivor 41 numbers when the DVR numbers are revealed. And while it is unclear just how many people are streaming Survivor through Paramount+, the network definitely knows what those numbers look like as well.

Survivor is a game that continues to try to reinvent itself in order to remain exciting and entertaining for viewers. There was a time when Hidden Immunity Idols weren’t even an aspect of the game, so the changes to the current season could end up being as accepted as some of the other changes over the years.

Make sure to tune in each Wednesday night this fall to find out what happens next with the Survivor 41 cast out at Fiji.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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