Survivor 41 postponed: Host Jeff Probst lets crew know bad news about production

Survivor 40 Image
Survivor 40 will keep airing on CBS, despite a stop in production of Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Huge Survivor 41 news was just revealed and it is not good for the cast and crew of the show.

According to a report by Dalton Ross for Entertainment Weekly, production for Season 41 of the hit reality show has been halted due to the coronavirus.

Executive producer and host Jeff Probst sent a letter to all of the crew members explaining what is going to be taking place.

Filming for Survivor 41 was scheduled to begin on March 24, so they were going to be really getting down to business in less than two weeks.

There is some additional bad news that comes with the delay in production on Survivor 41. By taking longer to finish the filming of that season, Survivor 42 is also going to get postponed a bit.

What is Survivor 41 start date on CBS?

The next installment of the show was set to air in September 2020. That could still be the case, especially since the production was scheduled to take place so far in advance of it airing on television.

If the shutdown doesn’t last too long, then everything should be back to normal and CBS should have no problem getting Survivor 41 into the fall 2020 schedule.

Jeff Probst revealed that they plan to resume production on or about May 19. With people flying in from all over the world to help put the show together, the gap in time is designed to make sure they aren’t putting people in danger.

Survivor Season 40 rolls on

The good news for fans of the show is that Survivor Season 40 won’t see any interruptions on CBS.

Most of the episodes airing this winter and spring have already been pre-taped. That includes the new episode scheduled to air on March 11.

The only episode that isn’t already recorded is the Reunion Show, where the Survivor: Winners at War winner will be revealed. That person is going to be taking home a nice $2 million prize.

The season has already been very exciting for viewers, even though it has been a tad controversial at times. Recently, some fans had been expressing their frustrations about Sandra Diaz-Twine sitting out so many challenges.

Sandra took the time to address fans about what had been going on. She showed why she considers herself to be the queen of the show and if she ends up winning for the third time, there will no longer be any debates about that fact.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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