Summer House star Kyle Cooke addresses claims that he’s an ‘alcoholic’

Kyle Cooke on Watch What Happens Live.
Kyle Cooke addresses concerns that he is an ‘alcoholic.’

Kyle Cooke had a rough start to Season 6 of Summer House.

He and his then-fiancee Amanda Batula were under an intense amount of stress as they continued to plan their wedding amid plan changes due to the pandemic.

As if that wasn’t enough, the two of them were also working together on their beverage company LoverBoy and finding out just how hard it was to find balance while working and living together.

Kyle took the opportunity to really live it up once he arrived in the Hamptons for the summer. This meant he stayed out late while the rest of the Summer House roommates returned home.

His behavior triggered Amanda due to Kyle’s infidelity in the past when he had too many drinks. The two of them continued to argue before having a heart to heart but fans weren’t pleased with the way Kyle acted.

They pointed out several concerns about their relationship, including that they felt Kyle was an “alcoholic.”

Kyle recently addressed the fan’s claims and explained his behavior in recent episodes.

Summer House star Kyle Cooke addresses claims that he’s an ‘alcoholic’

Following his recent behavior on Summer House, Kyle spoke to Entertainment Tonight to address fan concerns that he’s an “alcoholic.”

Kyle explained, “I get a lot of comments like, ‘Dude, you’re an alcoholic. This is the definition of alcoholism,’ or ‘You’re a functioning alcoholic,’ etc., etc.,”

He made it clear that he was “strictly a social drinker” and doesn’t indulge in alcoholic beverages unless he’s socializing.

Kyle continued, “Particularly in the pandemic, I did a lot less socializing. I never was good at moderation when I was drinking, factor in my tolerance, factor in all the guys around me are bigger and drink more than me on a routine basis.”

Despite his tolerance being lowered due to his lack of socialization, Kyle admitted that his behavior was “embarrassing.”

He said, “I look at myself and I think, that’s not fun. That’s crossed the threshold of going from having a fun night to being obliterated and not remembering things or not being able to participate in conversations. I instantly regret it in the moment and then it is incredibly embarrassing to watch it back.”

After reflecting on his behavior, Kyle said that he’s “reevaluated my relationship with alcohol” by admitting that he’s a “lightweight.”

He continued, “I have to acknowledge that I suck at moderation, whether it’s sweets or carbs or Amanda’s seltzers or alcoholic drinks. I literally just consume everything in front of me and I think she can attest to that.”

Amanda admitted that when Kyle is under a lot of stress, he tends to drink more.

Will Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula make it down the aisle on Summer House?

While fans know that Kyle and Amanda did eventually get married, their wedding is set to play out toward the end of the current season of Summer House.

Even though the couple went through with their plans, it looks like it was a turbulent path to make it down the aisle.

Fans can continue to see how Kyle’s drinking impacted his and Amanda’s relationship as they get ready to say “I do” on this season of Summer House.

Summer House airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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