Summer House fans slam Kyle Cooke for being an ‘alcoholic,’ think Amanda Batula should ‘run’

Kyle Cooke on Summer House.
Fans think Kyle Cooke has a drinking problem on Summer House. Pic credit: Bravo

Longtime fans of Summer House know and love Kyle Cooke for his partying antics and “full send” attitude when it comes to fun in the summer.

While they’ve found Kyle’s lifestyle to be entertaining over the years, their opinion of him is starting to shift after the way he treated his then-fiancee Amanda Batula.

Kyle became extremely intoxicated after a night out with the roommates and stayed out later than everyone else. This was triggering for Amanda because of Kyle’s past and the fact that he blacked out years ago and cheated on her, allegedly without even realizing it.

When Amanda became upset that Kyle was out by himself and ignoring her phone calls, she became irate and broke his items in the bathroom and then threw his luggage outside.

Their argument continued into the entire weekend as Amanda ignored Kyle. When they sat down after they’d returned home, Kyle began to cry as he explained the pressure he was under after taking out over $4 million dollars in loans to run their beverage company Lover Boy.

Amanda was empathetic to Kyle and accepted his apology but it seems as though Summer House fans are not as quick to forgive his behavior.

Summer House fans slam Kyle Cooke for being an ‘alcoholic’

While Kyle’s wild side may have intrigued fans while he was single, they are clearly over his behavior now that he has committed to Amanda for the rest of his life.

After seeing his behavior, viewers thought it was inexcusable, and many are concerned that he has a severe problem with alcohol.

One fan shared on Twitter that they felt Kyle was “a textbook alcoholic.”

They then called him a “selfish, gas-lighting jerk” and they thought Amanda should “run.”

Fans think Kyle is an “alcoholic.” Pic credit: @KrystiFogarty/Twitter

Another shared similar sentiments and wondered if someone had ever educated Kyle on “high functioning alcoholism” as they felt “he could be the poster boy.”

Fans think Kyle struggles with “alcoholism.” Pic credit: @Jettafisch1/Twitter

Others are simply tired of hearing Kyle “making excuses for his drinking.”

Fans are tired of Kyle’s excuses. Pic credit: @TheLatifah/Twitter

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding to air on Season 6 of Summer House

Even though several fans are concerned about Amanda and don’t think she should be settling down with Kyle, the couple did end up going through with their wedding last fall.

They threw a wedding in Amanda’s parents’ backyard after postponing their plans due to the pandemic.

The wedding is set to air toward the later part of Season 6, and fans will have the opportunity to see all of the drama and chaos that led up to their special day.

It’s unclear at this time whether Kyle will change his ways or if the lead-up to their wedding day will be filled with more trouble for him and Amanda.

Summer House airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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