Summer House: Kyle Cooke says Amanda Batula will be ‘such a good mommy’ after watching her care for their new foster dog

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula during an episode of Watch What Happens Live
Kyle Cooke thinks Amanda Batula will be ‘such a good mommy’ after watching her care for their foster dog. Pic credit: Bravo

Summer House fans have watched as Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s relationship has gone through its ups and downs over the last few years.

The couple entered Season 5, appearing to be doing better than they ever have before. In previous summers, the two of them were often getting into disagreements and putting castmates in the middle of their arguments.

This season, however, Kyle and Amanda seem to be the only couple who is not at each other’s throats.

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The couple was originally supposed to get married this past September but ended up postponing the wedding due to the pandemic restrictions. While their wedding has been postponed, both Kyle and Amanda seemed ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Recently, Kyle and Amanda decided to foster a dog named Milton. They’ve shown pictures and videos of their new family member on social media.

It looks like seeing Amanda taking care of the dog may have put the idea of having babies into Kyle’s mind.

On Valentine’s Day, he posted a photo of Amanda lying with Milton and said, “She’s gonna be such a good mommy. You should see how much she cares for our foster dog, Milton! I’m a lucky guy.”

Kyle and Amanda’s dating history

Kyle and Amanda have been dating since 2015, and things haven’t always been as good as they are now.

Initially, Kyle had difficulty committing to Amanda and continued to see other women while also spending time with her. After he finally decided to commit to Amanda, the couple was plagued by cheating allegations, and Kyle admitted to cheating on Amanda.

Kyle revealed he was extremely intoxicated at the time but regretted doing that to Amanda. The incident caused a lot of distrust in their relationship, and Amanda had a difficult time coping.

Eventually, Kyle proved his love and loyalty to Amanda, and the couple became engaged in 2018. Kyle proposed during Season 3 of Summer House while the couple went on a date on a sailboat.

Things have only gone up since the engagement, and Kyle and Amanda started to plan their wedding for September 2020.

Kyle and Amanda are stronger after lockdown

Even though the pandemic caused them to postpone their wedding, both Kyle and Amanda claimed that spending so much time together during lockdown made them stronger than they’ve ever been.

During an interview with People, Amanda revealed, “There was no escape. So it helped us to be able to communicate better with each other, to express how we’re feeling instead of bottling it up. We learned so much, and it definitely made our relationship stronger.”

The two of them thrived in the circumstances despite also working together. Kyle and Amanda are both partners in their beverage company Loverboy.

Kyle admitted that living and working together was “a lot” but said, “Like, all of a sudden, boom! We are just the two of us. And so we adapted and evolved and got to an incredibly strong place.”

As Kyle posts about Amanda being a good mother, it leads fans to wonder whether babies are in the future for the two of them.

Fans can tune in to the new season of Summer House to continue to watch Kyle and Amanda’s relationship flourish.

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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