Summer House: Is Kyle cheating on Amanda?

Lindsay Hubbard shares a rumor about Kyle cheating on Amanda on Summer House
Summer House couple: Lindsay Hubbard shares a rumor that Kyle is cheating on Amanda. Pic credit: Bravo

On Summer House Season 3, Episode 9, titled Rumors Gone Wild, Lindsay Hubbard tells Aunt Rhonda that she’s heard a new rumor that Kyle Cooke is once again cheating on Amanda Batula.

Lindsay believes the rumor could be true because the last time she heard a cheating rumor about Kyle it turned out to be true.

Everett told her last year that Kyle was cheating on Amanda but Lindsay decided not to say anything about it because she did not want to interfere. But Lindsay is now hearing from another source that Kyle was seen making out with a girl at a club four months ago and this time, she decides to spill the beans.

“Kyle was making out with some girl, in public, at a club, in the city,” Lindsay tells Aunt Rhonda, “The first time Kyle cheated last year, Everett told me and I decided not to say anything because I did not want to come in the middle of Everett and Kyle’s friendship. Now I have a girlfriend coming to me and she’s known Kyle and Amanda for years.”

The latest cheating rumor comes after Kyle admitted earlier in the season that he cheated on girlfriend Amanda last summer but that after the setback in their relationship he was working to restore trust.

After Kyle and Amanda got engaged in September, many fans believed they had put last year’s cheating incident behind them. But Kyle’s faithfulness to Amanda is under question once again.

Lindsay also reluctantly shares the new cheating rumor with Danielle Olivera.

“I went to lunch with one of my girlfriends on Thursday and she told me something,” Hubbard tells Danielle. “… like, I am very nervous.”

Danielle wants to know more and Lindsay tells her it’s something Kyle did in the spring. But she warns Danielle that it’s a secret and that she can’t talk about it. Danielle promises to keep the secret, so Lindsay tells her.

“Kyle obviously cheated on Amanda last summer, and now there are rumors going around that this happened again in April,” Lindsay says.

Although Danielle promises not to share the secret she ends up sharing it with Paige.

Hubbard’s caution about sharing the latest cheating rumor was justified. Batula and Cooke only got engaged in September. Cooke popped the question and presented Amanda with a two-and-a-half carat diamond ring.

Amanda seemed so happy. She enthused about Kyle in an interview with People, saying he meant a lot to her and that their relationship has helped her grow into a better person in many ways. She added that she was excited about the prospects of spending the rest of her life with Kyle.

Kyle also spoke glowingly about Amanda, describing her as the most authentic, genuine and selfless person he’s ever met.

Kyle has been doing a lot lately to make his relationship with Amanda move on from the last summer’s cheating scandal. But after Amanda admitted that she struggled to forgive Kyle, it is likely that if she learns that Kyle has cheated on her once again it could end their relationship.

“I resent you for what you did. There are things that I want to be different and I don’t want to be disappointed,” she said. “At the end of the day, you’re a grown man. I can’t control you. You can do whatever you think is right. If you dig your own grave, that’s on you.”

Summer House airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo. 

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