Stephanie Hollman explains why she initially had a hard time getting to know Tiffany Moon

RHOD star Stephanie Hollman had a hard time getting to know Tiffany Moon
Stephanie Hollman talks relationship with Tiffany Moon. Pic credit: Bravo

Tiffany Moon has had a difficult time connecting with her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars.

And it seems the newbie was at the end of her rope during the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas.

The mom of two broke down in tears on the final night of their cast trip in Austin. After an emotional night, she left early the next morning, much to the other women’s surprise.

Tiffany had a rough season with her RHOD castmates. Stephanie Hollman recently explained why things were so difficult for the newbie.

Why was the season so hard for Tiffany Moon?

The Real Housewives of Dallas star was a recent guest on Housewives Nightcap.

Newbie Tiffany Moon became a topic of conversation after she appeared to be at her breaking point in the latest episode.

Stephanie had an interesting explanation for why the newbie didn’t gel as easily as other new Housewives.

“You know, it was hard for her,” admitted Stephanie.

“We’ve had new people come in before, but they’re very emersed with the group. But Tiffany, she never filmed individual scenes with everyone.”

She continued, “So we only saw her in group scenes — which it is impossible to get to know someone in a group setting. So every time we saw her, it was with a whole group of people.”

“Group scenes are 100 percent my least favorite to do cause in a group scene, there’s always drama. You know, it’s expected of you, and you just don’t have those one-on-one moments to really solidify a relationship,” the RHOD star explained.

Keep in mind that the women filmed the season during the pandemic. Additionally, Tiffany is an anesthesiologist with a very busy schedule.

These factors might be why she didn’t film one-on-one scenes with her castmates and why it was so hard for the women to bond with her.

Stephanie Hollman had a hard time getting to know Tiffany Moon

During Stephanie’s chat with the media outlet, the Real Housewives of Dallas star continued to dish about the newbie.

She confessed that it was hard getting to know Tiffany during the early days of filming Season 5.

“I would say that just myself personally, I had a hard time getting to know who she was,” noted Stephanie.

However, the mom-of-two said things started to change between her and Tiffany during their trip to Austin.

“Cause it was the first time I was able to have one-on-one scenes with her, which I never really did before then,” explained the Dallas Housewife.

Interestingly Tiffany might not be connecting with her castmates, but she’s certainly connecting with RHOD fans. She has gotten an overwhelming amount of support online — quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Do you think Tiffany Moon can turn things around with her castmates before the season ends?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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