Spy Games exclusive: Chelsey Mori and Christina Randall share details about the intense spy competition

The two female finalist in Bravo's Spy Games shares exclusive details
Chelsey and Christina talk about their Spy Games experience. Pic credit: Kinetic Content

Bravo’s captivating new show, Spy Games is unlike anything else we’ve seen on reality TV.

Now, after several weeks of intense competitions and eliminations, we’re down to the final three competitors.

So who made the cut?

The top 3 finalists

Girl power reigned supreme as two of the three finalists were fierce female competitors. They are 35-year-old social media influencer Christina Randall from Pensacola, Florida, and 24-year-old law student Chelsey Mori from Berkeley, California. Brock Thompson, a 32-year-old nurse from South Dakota, is the third finalist in the competition.

Thanks to Kinetic Content –the creators and producers of the show– Monsters and Critics scored an exclusive interview with the finalists ahead of the Spy Games series finale.

Today we’re sharing confessions from Chelsey and Christina, the fearless females who fought their way to the top spots.

The fierce competitors revealed their strategies for making it this far in the competition, plus a few secrets about the upcoming finale.

Chelsey Mori

Chelsey Mori makes it to the top 3. Pic credit: Kinetic Content

Monsters and Critics: How did you get cast for the show?

Chelsey: This is a pretty crazy story. I was a big Survivor fan and when Adam Klein won Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X in 2016, I looked at his LinkedIn profile. The next thing you know, he DM’d me on Instagram and we became friends.

He invited me to a Survivor finale cast party where I met Jay Starrett. Jay later tagged me in a Facebook post by Jodi Wincheski, who was looking for non-US citizens to compete on Spy Games. And that was that. Casting for reality shows is quite incestual.

M&C: What surprised you the most about either the show or your competitors?

Chelsey: I was shocked that all of the competitors had such impressive backstories. I was honored to meet everyone.

M&C: If the choice was yours, which competitors would be in the top 3?

Chelsey: The Fierce Fatales of course! Charnel, Christina and myself.

M&C: Who were you most happy, and most sad to see eliminated?

Chelsey: Most happy to see Colin go, most sad to see Charnel go.

M&C: If you had a chance to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Chelsey: Relax!!! I got so caught up in learning the skills the assessor’s taught us that I lost sight of the skills I was coming into the show with, one of them being common sense lol.

M&C: If you don’t win, who would you want to win the game, and why?

Chelsey: My “mom” Christina, 100%.

M&C: If you reign as ‘top spy’ what do you plan to do with your winnings?

Chelsey: I plan to give it all to my parents. They took a huge risk by mortgaging their respective houses to let me move to the United States and attend Berkeley Law School. I owe them everything.

M&C: Can you give us any secrets or teasers about the finale?

Chelsey: Ouuu. Alright, first, the finale will be broken up into two stages, with one competitor being eliminated in the first stage. Second, past deception becomes a key factor.

Ominous, I know. Welcome to Spy Games!

Christina Randall

Top 3 contestant Christina Randall from Spy Games. Pic credit: Bravo

Monsters and Critics: What was your strategy going into the competition?

Christina: I wanted to be underestimated. I took on the role as “the hippie house mom who is definitely not a threat.” I laid low in the beginning, built relationships with my competitors, and gathered information.

M&C: How did your strategy change after returning to the house (after Sharnell’s elimination) with a target on your back?

Christina:  I knew I couldn’t lay low anymore, I had to fight for my life in the game, and that’s exactly what I did. Every step to the finish line.

M&C: How were you able to convince your housemates to trust you again, after you returned to the house?

Christina: Talking to people, even though I was at the bottom, I didn’t let that stop me from playing the game. And played it effectively, I hope.

M&C: Who is your biggest competitor right now?

Christina: Right now I would say Brock. He hasn’t been in the bottom 2 yet and he has won 2 MVPs and he is a competition BEAST! You can’t take your eyes off of him.

M&C: If you don’t win, who would you want to win the game and why?

Christina: Ughhh that’s a tough one! Both competitors play a great game! Chelsey because she survived 3 interrogations and that is NOT easy! And Brock because he is just a beast all the way around. Both competitors fought hard in very different and impressive ways.

M&C: If you reign as ‘top spy’ what do you plan to do with your winnings?

Christina: If I win the $100,000?!!! I want to help fund my son’s college tuition as well as help with a couple of non-profit organizations I am affiliated with.

M&C: How do you envision life after Spy Games?

Christina: Happy. Living every day as if it’s my last, loving my children and family, and taking whatever life throws at me!

Christina and Chelsey will soon battle it out with Brock for the $100,000 prize, plus bragging rights as the top spy.

Also, Brock Thompson’s exclusive interview is coming up soon, so stay tuned for what he has to say about making it to the top 3.

Spy Games airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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