Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel calls Bravo ‘trash,’ says it ‘ruins people’s lives’

Thomas Ravenel headed to tape WWHL
Thomas Ravenel aired his issues with Bravo. Pic credit: © Means/ACE Pictures

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel still has some feelings about the Bravo show.

He hasn’t been a part of it since Season 5 ended, with only one cameo during the seventh season while he was working on co-parenting with the mother of his two children, Kathryn Dennis.

Thomas is known for his tweet-and-delete episodes, especially regarding his opinions on Southern Charm or Kathryn Dennis.

He typically goes on a rant, calls someone out (most recently, it was Leva Bonaparte), and then deletes it before the day ends.

The former Southern Charm star did that over the weekend, but he took aim at Bravo this time.

True to his pattern, Thomas deleted everything he said, but not before Monsters and Critics captured the tweet and some of his responses when followers questioned him.

Thomas Ravenel calls Bravo ‘trash’ and accuses network of ‘ruining’ lives

Thomas Ravenel took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice his grievances with Bravo — the network where Southern Charm airs.

Despite no longer being a part of it, some feelings remain.

The former reality star wrote, “I really can’t understand why anyone would watch Bravo reality tv. It’s absolutely trash. And, it ruins people’s lives.”

Thomas Ravenel's tweet about Bravo
Thomas Ravenel aired his grievances about Bravo. Pic credit: @Thomasravenel/Twitter

Followers had questions about his statements, given he helped launch Southern Charm and starred in the show’s first five seasons.

Thomas was more than happy to respond to those who criticized him.

Someone challenged him by reminding him he took the paycheck from Bravo. The former Southern Charm star insisted his presence on the show cost him more than it paid him.

Another asked if it ruined his life, to which Thomas responded, “I was liked about and bc of the Bravo narrative ppl believed the lies.”

Thomas Ravenel's responses to questions
Thomas Ravenel clapped back at challengers. Pic credit: @Thomasravenel/Twitter

What is Thomas Ravenel up to now?

The former Southern Charm star is busy raising his children. Thomas Ravenel has custody of Kensie and Saint, the children he shares with Kathryn Dennis.

The two met during Season 1, and both children were conceived while they were filming the show. Their tumultuous relationship was also chronicled.

Thomas has full custody of the children and is the residential parent. Kathryn is supposed to see them on weekends, with stipulations and rules, but recently, he alleged she hadn’t seen her kids in quite some time.

There are still issues that both Bravo and Southern Charm trigger for Thomas Ravenel.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Gregory Roberts
Gregory Roberts
9 months ago

You made the decision to be on a reality show and I’m sure that you were paid very well. Bravo didn’t force to live your life in front of the camera. You flaunted your wealth and power as well as showed what an ass you could be. Part of that power was to use your children to hurt Kathryn each time things blew up with the two of you. The only reason you’ve been able to do that is having the money and ties to the judicial system. Kathryn has made her mistakes it u certainly have as well

Hannah Tagney
Hannah Tagney
9 months ago

The “good ol’ boys” continue to prevail and it’s gross beyond comprehension. Kathryn literally doesn’t have custody over something that is legal in many states.
You know this country (especially South Carolina) is f***ed when you’re giving custody to a convicted coke head / rapist over a mother who tests positive for marijuana.
I wish this situation on the show were brought into the light more. For all the bullshit the media sheds on stupid drama, this situation taken at face value could set precedent for many custody battles to come. What a sad world.