Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green reveals she was hoping for ‘something more’ from Shep Rose

Taylor Ann Green on Southern Charm
Taylor Ann Green was hoping to reconcile with Shep Rose. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 9 of Southern Charm has been filled with a love quadrangle between Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, and Olivia Flowers.

There has been tension among the group as the four navigate the Scandoval-esque moment between Austen and Taylor.

The season finale of Southern Charm has come, and the reality that Taylor was hoping to “possibly” reconcile with Shep is brought up.

As the men attempt to get to a decent place with their exes, Taylor and Olivia’s broken friendship is not repaired today.

Taylor lost it during the Season 8 Southern Charm reunion, which seemed to have carried over into filming Season 9.

When Austen sits down with Olivia and Shep and Taylor have a conversation, things are addressed, including desires to reconcile.

Taylor Ann Green admits to wanting ‘something more’ from Shep Rose

It’s been evident during Season 9 that Taylor Ann Green had not moved past what happened between her and Shep Rose.

She lashed out at Craig Conover at Madison LeCroy’s party, insinuating that Paige DeSorbo may have cheated on him after blaming him for protecting Shep.

As the season went on, viewers saw Taylor end up in bed with Shep after a night of drinking and hanging out with the boys (and Olivia) at Shep’s cabin in North Carolina. He called her the kissing bandit.

In a sneak peek for the Season 9 finale of Southern Charm, Taylor and Shep talk. He wants to get to a place where the two can be “super supportive and kind” after acknowledging they’ve made a “cool step.”

Taylor reveals that making that “cool step” was in hopes there could be “something more” for them, indicating she wanted to “possibly” reconcile. After all, she quit her job to travel with Shep, believing eventually they would settle down, not split.

Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers both moved on

The Southern Charm Season 9 reunion begins next week and was filmed following BravoCon 2023.

So much has transpired between when they wrapped filming for Season 9 and filmed the reunion.

Taylor Ann Green has moved on. She is dating a new man (Gaston) whom she met while hanging out with some of the cast members from the Southern Charm spin-off, Southern Hospitality.

Olivia Flowers has also moved on from the Austen Kroll drama. She is dating a man named Alex, who lives in Texas. Olivia revealed that during her appearance on Nick Viall’s Viall Files podcast.

As Season 9 comes to a close, there is hope the love quadrangle drama will cease and Season 10 will bring something new to the table.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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