Southern Charm’s Shep Rose blew it with RHONY’s Brynn Whitfield

Shep Rose on Southern Charm
Shep Rose didn’t impress Brynn Whitfield. Pic credit: Bravo

In what could have been a match made in heaven, Southern Charm star Shep Rose didn’t impress The Real Housewives of New York City star Brynn Whitfield.

For weeks leading up to BravoCon, there was hope the two would possibly spark up something, but it seems he blew his chance.

During one panel at the Bravo-centric convention, Shep admitted he hung out with Brynn and had drinks. She opted to go home, and he wanted to continue partying.

He admitted she didn’t seem interested when Andy Cohen addressed it with her during another panel.

Shep then revealed he heard Austen Kroll was after her, saying, “It tracks,” referring to situations he’s had with Austen in the past. Viewers will remember the two battling over Chelsea Meissner and, most recently, the debacle between Austen and Taylor Ann Green.

It seems Shep didn’t make the impression he wanted to on the feisty redhead from RHONY.

Andy Cohen reveals Brynn Whitfield wasn’t interested

After a whirlwind weekend, Andy Cohen talked about BravoCon on his radio show.

He addressed the Shep Rose/Brynn Whitfield connection, saying she wasn’t having it.

Andy said, “I think she was like, ‘This isn’t gonna happen.'” Adding, “I think on the way over to the Bravo Awards, he started asking her about whether they should procreate or something like that, or have a baby, I don’t know, so that didn’t happen.”

The Bravo host likened Shep to a big, tipsy golden retriever. Yikes!

Shep Rose and Brynn Whitfield will remain friends

Even though there is no romantic interest there for The Real Housewives of New York City star Brynn Whitfield, she still has love for Shep Rose.

They have much in common, including their love for books and philosophy.

She called Shep “funny” and “cool” while speaking about him, but they will remain platonic friends.

Brynn had a great time at BravoCon, even if she did get her shoes stuck in the elevator as she was entering a panel. It’s now being referred to as “shoe gate,” and Bravo viewers know that anything that turns into a “gate” lives on forever. The RHONY star is iconic and will remain that way.

While Brynn may not be Shep’s happily ever after, she was definitely one of the better options for him — including being age-appropriate. Hopefully, both find someone they can have fun with and date, but it’s not each other.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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