Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green defends sending questionable photo, ‘Jesus isn’t going to hate me’

Taylor Ann Green Southern Charm confessional
Taylor Ann Green isn’t ashamed of her actions. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green isn’t ashamed of sending a photo to Whitney Sudler-Smith.

During the most recent episode of the hit Bravo show, Taylor was confronted after she sent an unclothed picture of herself to Whitney, which was revealed when Madison LeCroy had drinks with Patricia Altschul and Whitney.

Madison claimed she could see all of Taylor, but the latter disagreed, saying you couldn’t see anything.

It was an awkward dinner conversation, and shockingly, the men seemed to come to Taylor’s defense and put everything back on Madison.

Taylor went into a downward spiral following her split from Shep Rose after filming for Season 8 wrapped. Not only was she sending those photos, but she also shared an intimate moment with Austen Kroll — one of Shep’s best friends and their Southern Charm costar.

Even though sending the photo may have been in poor taste (it was), Taylor isn’t backing down from defending her choice.

Taylor Ann Green defends sending the unclothed photo

While speaking with Shep Rose about the picture she sent to Whitney Sudler-Smith, she defended herself.

Taylor Ann Green said, “God created the naked body. I believe we should all be naked. Jesus isn’t going to hate me just because I sent a nude.”

It was interesting that she commented about Jesus because Madison LeCroy’s whole point about the photo and her behavior was that she was introduced as this Bible-loving South Carolina girl. Now she’s gone off the rails.

Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll

Season 9 of Southern Charm hasn’t gone well for Taylor Ann Green.

Right off the bat, it was revealed she spent the night at Austen Kroll’s place, which was news to both Shep Rose and Craig Conover.

From there, things snowballed, and the truth came out that the two shared a romantic moment and considered giving a relationship a shot. Not only is Austen one of Shep’s best friends, but he was also pursuing Olivia Flowers at the same time.

Taylor and Olivia were best friends, and their friendship is fractured. It couldn’t have been worse timing. Around the same time, Olivia’s brother, Conner Flowers, passed away.

As the season progresses, it seems that Jarrett Thomas (JT) is interested in pursuing Taylor. He hinted that Shep fumbled by letting her go, but the trailer saw them at the bar together.

Things are chaotic for Taylor, but she is unapologetic about her choices.

Southern Charm airs Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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