Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers’ brother Conner Flowers’ death — Everything we know

Olivia Flowers selfie in New York
Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers lost her brother Conner earlier this year. Pic credit: @oliviabflowers/Instagram

Season 9 of Southern Charm has already been intense for Olivia Flowers, but another layer of hurt is about to be added.

Earlier this year, Olivia Flowers lost her only sibling, Conner Flowers.

As the news about his tragic death spreads, the Southern Charm stars rally around her during her time of need.

Austen Kroll could relate to Olivia, as he also lost a sibling.

And just a few months after Conner passed away, Taylor Ann Green also lost her brother.

Tragedy seemed to follow the Southern Charm women.

What happened to Conner Flowers?

Conner Flowers passed away on January 30, 2023.

His obituary revealed he was “full of life” and a “fun-loving friend.”

Olivia Flowers was his only sibling, and his parents and maternal grandparents also survived him.

Many tributes were left for Conner — all of them spoke of how lovely he was and what a great friend he was to them.

Olivia Flowers opened up about Conner Flowers’ battle

In May, Olivia Flowers opened up about her brother’s private struggle.

Conner Flowers had Lyme disease, and he fought it for 17 years.

She wrote a lengthy Instagram post about Conner and his battle, along with misdiagnoses and other complications on their way to figuring out what was wrong with him.

Olivia wrote, “My brother suffered from this insidious disease for his entire adult life. I grew up with a creative, confident and active brother. Conner was an incredible athlete, an avid golfer – he was ranked state-wide.”

He dealt with debilitating symptoms for 17 years as his family watched him struggle. Conner kept his Lyme disease private, only sharing it with a few people besides family members.

The Southern Charm star continued, “Lyme disease is complex and incredibly difficult to diagnose, given the severe limitations of diagnostic testing, wide-ranging symptoms, and a lack of education within the medical field. For years, I remember my parents traveling with Conner to countless doctors’ appointments looking for answers to his symptoms and pain.”

Olivia also noted that talking about the loss of her brother is difficult; she hopes that by being open and honest, she will be able to help others avoid some of the suffering and pain Conner went through after dealing with Lyme disease for nearly two decades.

It’s been less than a year since Conner passed away, and Olivia is still working through the loss as she attempts to advocate and educate others about Lyme disease.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Katie Nicholson
Katie Nicholson
7 months ago

Is it just a rumor that he was a coke dealer. That he sold Ravenel the coke he was busted with?