Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers acknowledges the ‘distance’ between her and Taylor Ann Green

Taylor Ann Green on Southern Charm
Taylor Ann Green’s friendship with Olivia Flowers is complicated. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 9 of Southern Charm has heavily focused on the hookup between Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll.

Viewers knew a scandal was coming as Craig Conover spilled the tea about a Scandoval-esque situation.

Now that it is all playing out, there is still some tension between Taylor and her former best friend, Olivia Flowers.

Taylor admitted to conversing with Austen about whether the two should pursue a relationship, with both parties having talked to their families, too.

Olivia and Austen attempted to reconcile a relationship last year following BravoCon, and he abruptly changed his mind, likely due to his situation with Taylor.

Almost a year later, things between Taylor and Olivia aren’t the same, and they may never be.

Taylor Ann Green confirms friendship with Olivia Flowers isn’t the same

While talking to PEOPLE about Season 9 of Southern Charm, Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers addressed where they stand now.

Taylor said, “I take full blame for everything that transpired and how I handled the situation and the things I said and how I acted. That was really tough. I think that there’s a lot of forgiveness that can be had. That’s a big thing this year — there’s a lot of forgiveness and tough love.”

Olivia revealed, “We’re certainly not in the place we were this time last year. I don’t necessarily know if we’ll ever get back to that place. She recently went through something very tragic and difficult, and I reached out then because that’s really all that matters — none of the other drama. But there’s a lot more distance there with us.

Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers both lost brothers

While filming for Southern Charm Season 9, things were already tense between Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers.

Once it wrapped, tragedy struck both Taylor and Olivia. They both lost a brother, though the incidents were months apart.

Neither death happened while the season was filming, but the women did support one another as they navigated the loss.

When the women come together to film the Season 9 Southern Charm reunion, it will be interesting to see if they can repair things further or if they are still in the same place after watching the season back.

Last season’s reunion was emotional, so it’s likely this season will be too. As the news about Austen and Taylor continues to spread, things will be more intense.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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