Southern Charm star Shep Rose ‘open’ to see where things go with RHONY star Brynn Whitfield

Shep Rose on Watch What Happens Live
Shep Rose may be interested in Brynn Whitfield. Pic credit: Bravo

Could a match be made in heaven with a Southern Charm and The Real Housewives of New York romance?

Not so fast, but never say never!

Shep Rose admitted that he slid into Brynn Whitfield’s DMs after she told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen the Southern Charm bachelor was good-looking earlier this year.

There was some speculation the two were spending time together when a woman who resembled Brynn popped up on Shep’s story. It wasn’t the RHONY star, though.

However, with BravoCon coming up, there is hope these two will meet up and find they have enough in common to spend some time together.

But is Shep Rose ready for a Real Housewife in his life?

Shep Rose addresses his status with Brynn Whitfield

While doing a media blitz for the new season of Southern Charm, Shep Rose told Page Six about exchanging messages with The Real Housewives of New York star Brynn Whitfield.

He said, “I sent her a nice message — a very benign nice message — ‘Thank you, look forward to meeting you,’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, me too.'”

The two discussed where they lived and a few other pleasantries before resigning to meet at BravoCon if Shep didn’t make it to New York before November.

But don’t get too ahead of yourselves. Shep revealed he wouldn’t be “flaunting” any relationships on Southern Charm anytime soon. Things between him and Taylor Ann Green didn’t work out, and that’s been playing out between the ending of Season 8 and the current season.

However, he joked, “Oh my God, I wonder what my mom would say if I dated a Real Housewife!”

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green have a messy split

The breakup between Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green was messy. Viewers watched as the two went head-to-head on the Season 8 Southern Charm reunion.

Things were dragged into the media, too, but it got even worse.

As Season 9 unfolds, it seems Shep’s good friend, Austen Kroll, hooked up with Taylor Ann.

That’s right. It will have a bit of a Scandoval feel when the cast learns Austen and Taylor Ann hooked up. Olivia Flowers appears upset about the situation, and Shep doesn’t seem happy either.

Austen and Taylor Ann were good friends because of Shep, and he said she was like a sister to him on more than one occasion. However, something changed because he took a risk that could have cost him a good friend.

To find out how this plays out, tune in for the rest of Season 9.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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