Southern Charm’s Shep Rose admits that cheating on Taylor Ann Green was sometimes ‘fun’

Shep Rose in a Southern Charm confessional
Shep Rose said “sometimes” cheating on Taylor Ann Green was “fun.” Pic credit: Bravo

Just when Southern Charm viewers thought things couldn’t get any messier — they did.

The most recent episode of the Bravo series showcased Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green getting into a heated exchange following some drinking.

Shep has been called out before regarding his treatment of Taylor, especially after he went off on her during a cast trip in front of several of their castmates. It wasn’t a good look then, and it isn’t a good look now.

During a conversation on the deck of his family’s mountain home, Shep and Taylor began to battle it out. He had lost a game, and it seems losing doesn’t sit well with the Southern Charm star.

That led to the exchange that has viewers’ jaws on the floor. While Shep believed Taylor was poking fun at him. From there, things escalated.

When Taylor clapped back and asked if he enjoyed cheating on her, Shep’s response was savage. He said, “I mean, sometimes it was fun.”

Taylor Ann Green ended up in bed with Shep Rose

The recent episode of Southern Charm was almost like stepping into the Twilight Zone.

After the insane exchange between Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green, the two ended up in bed together. While cameras didn’t catch everything that happened, he did call her the “kissing bandit.”

Cheating has been a sore subject for the two throughout their relationship, especially after their split before the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion taping.

Taylor has been focused on Shep cheating on her while trying to heal from the breakup, and in the midst of all of that, she ended up with Austen Kroll. Yes — the same Austen attempting to date Olivia Flowers (Taylor’s best friend) and Shep’s good friend.

Southern Charm reunion tapes soon

During BravoCon, it was revealed that the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion would be taping soon.

The cast has much to discuss, especially regarding the situation between Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green. While both deny they slept together, Olivia Flowers thinks otherwise.

Also, there were hints that more had happened, and the cast couldn’t elaborate. So much has transpired since Taylor and Shep Rose broke up.

And speaking of BravoCon, Shep did end up having drinks with Brynn Whitfield, but she wasn’t interested in exploring things further.

Will seeing the conversation between Taylor and Shep ruin the Southern Charm star’s game? Perhaps Brynn saw the episode during BravoCon and wasn’t interested in it.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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