Southern Charm’s Pat Altschul is ‘Team Sutton’ after seeing RHOBH Season 11 reunion trailer

Patricia in a Southern Charm confessional.
Patricia Altschul isn’t a fan of Erika Jayne using the c-word toward Sutton. Pic credit: Bravo

The queen of Southern Charm weighs in on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama, and she is “Team Sutton” all the way.

Patricia Altschul watched the RHOBH Season 11 reunion trailer and was less than impressed when Erika Jayne used the c-word to describe Sutton at the taping.

She wasted no time talking about it and even shared her thoughts on Instagram, where her followers interacted with her about it.

Patricia Altschul addresses Erika Jayne’s vulgarity in RHOBH reunion trailer

Both southern women, Patricia Altschul revealed she talked to Sutton Stracke following The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion taping.

She then admitted that Sutton had revealed that Erika Jayne used the c-word at her while filming. Pat also said they believed it wouldn’t have been used, but there it was, in the trailer for the RHOBH reunion.

On Instagram, she wrote, “When Sutton and I talked after the #RHOBH reunion was filmed, she said that Erika called her the C-word. Since no southern lady would ever say that word out loud we were shocked but assumed it wouldn’t be used… but here it is in the reunion trailer. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale tonight #teamsutton.”

Filming Southern Charm has been brutal at times, but the c-word used at the RHOBH reunion and against Sutton Stracke, no less, was a bit much for the queen of Charleston.

Followers agree with Patricia Altschul ‘Team Sutton’

The comments under the video seemed to echo everything she was saying. Plenty of followers had a lot to say about Erika Jayne, and the majority were “Team Sutton” as well.

One wrote, “Team Sutton all the way?”

Another said, “Sutton is the only true lady on this show! She is just asking hard questions that none of the other two faced women would do! I’m team Sutton all the way!”

And another went on to use the same word Patricia isn’t a fan of, saying, “Erika is a C u next Tuesday.”

Patricia Altschul comments.
Pic credit: @pataltschul/Instagram

The RHOBH reunion will play out over the next four weeks, and viewers will get to see the scene in question where Erika Jayne unloads on Sutton Stracke.

It’s clear that Patricia Altschul is “Team Sutton” all the way, and the way Erika spoke to her friend was not what anyone expected.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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