Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers shares final conversation with Conner before his death

Olivia Flowers car selfie
Olivia Flowers revealed her final conversation with Conner. Pic credit: @oliviabflowers/Instagram

Olivia Flowers filmed one of the most challenging moments of her life on Southern Charm.

Earlier this year, her brother, Conner Flowers, passed away unexpectedly.

The situation unfolded while Season 9 of Southern Charm was filming, and all her cast mates stepped up to be there for her — including Austen Kroll.

During one of her confessionals, the reality TV star opened up about her final conversation with Conner before he died.

It came after a scene of the two on Facetime was shown and was likely filmed as part of the season but wasn’t planned to be used until the tragedy happened. Olivia joked with him about being known as Conner’s sister around town and having to live up to his name.

She revealed that he told her, “One of the last things he said to me was like, ‘You’re doing everything right. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And I hope you can look at me and be proud of me like I’m proud of you.”

Southern Charm cast rallies around Olivia Flowers

As the situation unfolded and the Southern Charm cast learned about Conner’s death, they rallied around Olivia Flowers.

Shep Rose offered his home up to Olivia’s friends and family from out of town because he lives across the street. It was one of the kindest gestures; even Craig Conover acknowledged it was sweet.

Austen Kroll dropped off a basket for Olivia. He struggled with being there for her, but he was the only one who could understand the emotions of losing a sibling. It was a touchy situation, but she accepted his gesture.

Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen spent some time with Olivia, allowing her to share memories of her brother and cry it out while they sat with her. Taylor Ann Green also showed up there, but the girls weren’t thrilled.

What happened to Conner Flowers?

While Olivia Flowers never confirmed what happened to her brother, she shared a little about his struggles.

Conner Flowers battled Lyme disease for most of his adult life. It took some time for him to be correctly diagnosed, which led to things worsening over time.

She spoke out, hoping others wouldn’t suffer like her brother did.

He was known throughout Charleston and was close friends with Thomas Ravenel, who was a part of the earlier seasons of Southern Charm. Following Conner’s death, Thomas remembered him fondly.

It hasn’t yet been a year since his passing, and it will likely be discussed when the reunion films.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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