Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy loves herself ‘more’ after she ‘tweaked things’

Madison LeCroy up close
Madison LeCroy isn’t here for the judgmental comments. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy isn’t here for the negativity.

The Southern Charm star has changed her appearance since joining the hit Bravo show, but the tweaks have been minimal compared to some of the other Bravolebrities (we are looking at you, New Jersey ladies).

She has been busy living her best life as Season 9 of Southern Charm is airing. It was a season that wasn’t so intense for the blonde beauty.

The villain torch has been passed to Taylor Ann Green, so Madison is cruising through the season with no worries.

However, don’t come for her — especially when insinuating she doesn’t love herself.

Just because she is no longer the Southern Charm villain doesn’t mean Madison won’t clap back effectively.

Madison LeCroy’s new photo sparks nasty comment

On Instagram, Madison LeCroy shared a new photo of herself. It was airbrushed or photoshopped, but the blonde reality TV star looked amazing.

It was clear that her face looked a bit different, but she was not unrecognizable as some of her fellow Bravolebrities and other reality TV stars.

One commenter called Madison out, insinuating that she didn’t love herself. She wrote, “STOP messing with your face. My God in heaven people, why can’t women love themselves?”

Madison quickly clapped back, writing, “& STOP believing we are living in your generation! I love myself more after I tweaked things I wasn’t happy about !!!so F off!”

Madison LeCroy clap back
Madison LeCroy isn’t here for the nonsense. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy blasts Taylor Ann Green for NSFW photo

In an upcoming episode of Southern Charm, Madison LeCroy blasts Taylor Ann Green during a cast get-together.

Something lit a fire under her because she called Taylor out for sending Whitney Sudler-Smith an NSFW photo. While she tried to play it off like you couldn’t see anything in the photo, Madison made it clear that she could see everything in the picture.

Madison has been stirring the pot with the Taylor and Austen Kroll situation. She is enjoying it a bit, especially after how things ended between them. And Austen had to pipe in and yell at Madison during the comment about the photo sent to Whitney.

It has been a wild season, and much more drama is coming. Luckily, Madison is settling into married life and not worried about the dating scene, especially among the Southern Charm crowd.

We are here for messy Madison, though!

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays on Bravo.

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