Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy is the Season 9 star — Here’s why

Madison LeCroy selfie
Madison LeCroy is the star of Season 9 of Southern Charm. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy was slept on for a few seasons.

She wasn’t showing her full potential, but now, it’s all out in the open.

As the narrator of Season 9, Madison has solidified she belongs on the cast and isn’t just someone Austen Kroll used to date. She has shared her life, including celebrating her marriage to Brett Randle.

Ahead of Season 9, Madison teased she had passed the villain torch. It went to Taylor Ann Green, who has been living up to her full potential in that role.

The mid-season trailer also gives viewers a look at what’s ahead, including Madison talking about expanding her family.

The Southern Charm star has proven herself, and she is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Madison LeCroy is the narrator

Madison LeCroy is narrating season 9 of Southern Charm.

The beloved Cameran Eubanks once held this job, and then it was given to Naomie Olindo last season.

With her narration, it seems she is in a spot where she is friendly with most of the group, which puts her almost in the most valuable place on the show. That, coupled with her adding a bit of drama by stirring the Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green pot, makes for a great cast member.

There’s also her friendship with Patricia Altschul. It’s a special bond, and their conversations are always fun to watch.

Choosing Madison to narrate this season was the perfect decision.

More Madison to come this season on Southern Charm

The mid-season trailer for Season 9 of Southern Charm was released, focusing on some of Madison LeCroy’s personal life.

She is seen talking to Miss Patricia about wanting to have children but worrying about what happened with Hudson’s birth.

There is also a scene where it looks like Madison thinks she’s pregnant and has a conversation with a doctor about her pregnancy with Hudson.

Season 9 has been the most viewers have seen about Madison’s private life, and she is moving into the role of the number one girl in the group.

As the cast trip comes up and the time for the reunion taping draws near, it will be interesting to see how things go between Madison and Taylor Ann Green, especially after she ends up in Shep Rose’s bed.

Be sure to tune in to see what Madison is up to and why she is the star of Season 9.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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7 months ago

Madison is boring now being married blah

5 months ago

Madison is never boring she is so beautiful and even prettier now that she’s happy and found the love of her life