Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis reveals new addition to her family

Kathryn Dennis selfie
Kathryn Dennis added to her family. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis hasn’t been too active on social media.

The former Southern Charm star didn’t return for Season 9 of the show and has been dealing with a lot regarding seeing her children.

The fiery redhead has posted some cryptic things over the last few months about her children and not being able to see them. Her ex, Thomas Ravenel, alleged she chose not to see Kensie and Saint.

However, it seems that Kathryn has been busy doing other things, including adding another member to her family.

Gucci has been her sidekick as she moves through this new phase of life. She has shared photos of them together, and he is nothing short of pampered.

And now, he will have a buddy to play with.

Kathryn Dennis adds to her family

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kathryn Dennis shared two photos of the newest addition to her family.

She wrote, “Meet the newest member of our family” over the photo of her holding a puppy that looks just like Gucci.

Kathryn Dennis IG announcement
Kathryn Dennis shows off her new addition. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

There were no details about whether the puppy was a girl or boy or even an actual name. Kathryn has been good about only sharing what she wants to and nothing more.

Will Kathryn Dennis return to Southern Charm?

Details surrounding Kathryn Dennis’ exit from Southern Charm have been murky. She was reportedly fired for being difficult to work with, but rumblings are saying she chose to walk away.

Season 8 wasn’t the best for her, especially the intense fighting between her then-boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell. They constantly argued, and sometimes things got intense.

And with all the stuff going on with her kids, Kathryn must watch what she says and does. Her social media postings have been scarce, only sharing a handful of things over the last few months.

Kathryn remains friends with some of her Southern Charm costars, including Olivia Flowers. She recently shared an appreciation post for her, writing, “All the times I’ve been told don’t worry the good ones will still be there in the end, turns out it’s true 🩵.”

While it’s unclear if Kathryn can or will return to Southern Charm, having another OG back for Season 10 would be beneficial.

There’s been some drama, but viewers could be more invested if Kathryn were around to be team Olivia as she and Taylor Ann Green navigate their friendship amid the Austen Kroll scandal.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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9 months ago

Yes. Bring Kathryn back!!!! Nothing is the same without her! Ps Thomas is a creep and his kids will hate him later for keeping them from their mother

8 months ago

I agree. Bring Kathryn back!!!!

The show needs her.

She makes it interesting to watch.

8 months ago

Who writes this c**p? Gucci got KILLED BY COYOTES because this scumbag cannot even properly take care of a dog. Gucci had been lost by her numerous times & found wandering…just like her FAS son used to be picked up alone by Police!