Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis moves home with dad amid money troubles

Kathryn Dennis selfie.
Kathryn Dennis reportedly relocated. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis is down on her luck.

The Southern Charm star’s contract was not renewed for Season 9. The show will return later this year without the fiery redhead who had been a part of the cast since Season 1.

Viewers have watched as she hooked up with Thomas Ravenel and welcomed two children with the disgraced politician. The trials and tribulations of their relationship played out on the Bravo show.

Things appeared to look up for Kathryn, but then she lost custody of her children again. That was announced in January 2022, though details surrounding what happened weren’t immediately revealed. She later opened up on a podcast about the difficulties she faced while trying to see her two children and how much money it was costing her to do so.

Now, Kathryn is facing more money issues that have her returning to her roots.

So, where is Kathryn Dennis living these days?

Kathryn Dennis goes back to her dad’s house

Kathryn Dennis said goodbye to Charleston.

After not being renewed for another season alongside her Southern Charm pals, the redhead is back home with her dad in the family home. It is an old plantation that grew cotton, tobacco, and rice. It isn’t without controversy, though.

According to The Sun, Kathryn is back at home with her dad. It’s only him living in the house following her mother’s passing, so there is plenty of room for her there.

A source told the publication, “It’s so sad it’s come to this, but she has nobody to blame but herself.”

The home was featured during an earlier season of the show but has since been edited out because it is a plantation that housed enslaved people, complete with a cemetery dedicated to them on the property. Kathryn did a tour of the grounds with K. Cooper Ray, one of Patricia Altschul’s friends.

What is next for Kathryn Dennis?

At this point, it is unclear what Kathryn Dennis will do to work and make money without Southern Charm. She joined the reality TV show at 21, and since then, it has been her main source of income.

She teased some modeling and worked in the industry when she was younger.

The source also revealed, “I’ve been told she has a new manager, but she’s been through so many, who knows what she’s going to do next, she’s never really had a real job.”

Where Kathryn is headed next remains to be seen. She has not spoken out about her plans yet, but she will likely come up with something.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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Ruth Coleman
Ruth Coleman
5 months ago

She needs her own tv show, stat. She was a favorite on the series, people like her, she’s intelligent, and she has the experience of being on tv. I don’t know why tv hasn’t developed something for her. She is loved by many fans. Hang in there sweetie. BTW, I have been happily married for over 20 years so I’m not a bimbo. She has such potential and no channel has developed anything for her? Shame on you. Don’t you read how fans loved her. Thank you posting.