Southern Charm reunion: JT taunts Austen, Madison talks second baby, and more

Austen Kroll at the Southern Charm reunion
Austen Kroll in the hot seat during the Season 9 Southern Charm reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The time has come for the Charmers to sit with Andy Cohen and rehash Season 9 of Southern Charm.

It has been an intense ride, focusing on the quadrangle of Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose, Olivia Flowers, and Austen Kroll.

There were some side stories throughout Season 9, but most were intertwined with the four friends who repeatedly found themselves in awkward situations.

New faces will be sitting on the couch, as Rodrigo, Rod, and JT were new additions this season. And, at least one of them came in hot.

Throughout the season, it was clear that tensions were high in the group as they dealt with what happened between Taylor Ann and Austen. As the cast seemingly began to ostracize Taylor, JT started to build a close relationship with her — and he wanted more.

Will the Season 9 Southern Charm handle anything?

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion sneak peek

Bravo came in clutch for Southern Charm viewers who couldn’t wait to see what happened on the Season 9 reunion.

A preview was shared following the season finale, but now you can watch the first few minutes of the reunion.

What happens in the first few minutes of the Southern Charm reunion?

JT must have been warmed up and ready to go because right off the bat, he took a huge swing at Austen Kroll in minute one.

He told Andy Cohen he would be performing the first “f***boy exorcism,” which seemed to have shocked everyone on the stage.

The tension between the men was evident, especially after their altercation during the Southern Charm Season 9 finale. However, it had a bit of comedy as Austen is over six feet tall, and JT had to get on a chair to be at eye level with him.

Madison LeCroy opened up about the incident that broke viewers’ hearts when her son, Hudson, got into a fight. She went into full mom mode and addressed the situation, telling Andy she spoke into the Ring camera.

When the host pressed her about baby number two, Madison replied, “It’s God’s plan.” Speculation about Madison being pregnant has been going around, but at the reunion, she did not appear to show signs that was the case.

There is plenty to look forward to with a two-part reunion, especially with some other occurrences throughout the season being addressed.

Be sure to tune in so that none of the drama is missed.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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