Southern Charm fan favorite Cameran Eubanks reunites with former castmates

Cameran Eubanks selfie
Cameran Eubanks reunited with a few of the Southern Charm women. Pic credit: @camwimberly1/Instagram

Southern Charm hasn’t been the same since Cameran Eubanks exited after Season 6 wrapped.

The details around what led to her exit are murky, with some believing rumors about her husband cheating were the catalyst.

Along with losing Cam, the show also saw Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner leave, too.

However, Naomie returned for Season 8 after moving back to Charleston after splitting from her boyfriend.

The chances of Cam returning are slim to none as she has moved on with her life and stepped away from reality TV completely.

Despite that, she is still active on social media, and Cam keeps in touch with some of her Southern Charm friends from past and present.

Cameran Eubanks hosts event with Southern Charm cast members in attendance

On Instagram, Cameran Eubanks shared a carousel of photos taken at the event she hosted.

She captioned the post, “What a beautiful evening celebrating the 1 year anniversary of @oliphantdesign on 297 King Street here in Charleston! It was such a treat to host with the brand’s founder, Cara Hotchkiss. What a powerhouse! I’ve loved this brand for years and it has always been one of those places ‘I know I’ll find a dress.’ 🤪 They truly are Happy Clothes. 🌸💜You can shop online at @cwtconsultinggroup @thedrifterchs @alexandrashubert”

It was an event for women, so none of the Southern Charm men were there. However, Cam and Shep Rose are still friends and spent time together recently.

In attendance at the event Cam hosted were Naomie Olindo, Venita Aspen, and Eliza Limehouse. Venita is currently the only active Southern Charm member, but Naomie was a staple for several seasons, while Eliza was only seen for one season.

Cameran Eubanks could save Southern Charm

Even though it’s unlikely Cameran Eubanks would even consider a return to Southern Charm, she could be the key to saving the show.

Always the voice of reason, she kept the boys in line. Shep Rose needs a little guidance, especially after Season 8 ended with his breakup with Taylor Ann Green, and Season 9 saw him spiraling while dealing with that and her sleeping over at Austen Kroll’s house.

Cam was connected to everyone, and her relationship with Miss Patricia Altschul was special, too. She is good friends with Leva Bonaparte, who is now a part of the Southern Charm cast and made cameos during the earlier seasons.

Clearly, she is still friends with Naomie Olindo and knows Venita Aspen, so perhaps Cam would consider filming a few scenes with her friends to draw in some viewership from fans who abandoned ship in recent years.

She will always be a fan favorite, and seeing her with some of the Southern Charm girls was a treat!

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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