Southern Charm: Did Kathryn Dennis use her kids as an ‘excuse’ to dump Chleb Ravenell?

Kathryn Dennis selfie.
Kathryn Dennis broke up with Chleb Ravenell. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Southern Charm viewers barely met Chleb Ravenell before Kathryn Dennis sent him packing.

The redhead ended things with her live-in boyfriend just a few episodes into Season 8 after they argued, and he took off for several days without making contact with her.

Their breakup has been a hot topic, especially since Kathryn debuted Chleb at the Southern Charm Season 7 reunion, and their relationship didn’t last past a couple of episodes.

Kathryn did make the conversation about Chleb and his relationship with her kids, but there was more to the story.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding the breakup and how things will go as filming continues. The cast wrapped in December, and the episodes currently airing were filmed sometime in October.

With a reunion still left to film, it will be interesting to see how Chelb and Kathryn react when they have to discuss what played out on the show.

Chleb Ravenell thinks Kathryn Dennis used her kids as an ‘excuse’

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chleb Ravenell addressed the breakup with Kathryn Dennis.

When discussing the breakup with the publication, Chleb delved into what he thought happened between them. He said, “I don’t think the kids were a factor in our relationship. I feel like the kids were an excuse on a reason why we broke up, but it wasn’t a main factor. She gets the kids on weekends. I work on weekends. So when she did have the kids, I would be at work and I couldn’t see the kids too much.”

Kathryn and Chleb did discuss the children while they were eating dinner and breaking up. She appeared upset by his lack of involvement with them. The situation is complicated, though. Kathryn doesn’t have custody of her kids, and her visitation comes with rules.

Chleb revealed, “And when I was with the kids, I wasn’t able to actually step in and be a stepdad or discipline the kids or anything like that. Because I just wasn’t allowed to just by Thomas’s rules. So I felt like I didn’t have a part of her family. I wasn’t all the way in there, you know what I mean?”

Where do Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell stand now?

Today, there is no contact between the exes. Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell have moved on with their lives.

Kathryn recently posted that she “caught feelings,” and Chleb confirmed that his mother no longer speaks to Kathryn either.

He said, “Nah, my mom’s with me. If I’m not talking to that person, it’s over. So no, she has no contact with her. Yeah, she still talks about Kathryn. Yes. But no, they don’t talk.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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