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Sister Wives viewers call out Robyn Brown for shielding her kids from ‘rejection,’ Kody’s other kids ignored

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown broke the news to her kids that the family was spending Thanksgiving apart and Sister Wives fans slammed the way she handled it. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown came under fire by Sister Wives viewers for the way she broke the news to her kids that the family was spending Thanksgiving apart.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, the Browns were torn over whether to spend Thanksgiving together or separately.

Two of Kody Brown’s wives, Janelle and Christine, weren’t willing to abide by his long list of strict rules and instead chose to spend their holiday with extended family in Utah.

Robyn Brown breaks news to kids about Thanksgiving in Sister Wives bonus scene

TLC recently shared a bonus scene from Sister Wives showing Robyn Brown telling her five children that the family would be spending Thanksgiving apart.

Robyn gathered Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella on the couch to break the news to them. She admitted that she didn’t want them to feel “sad” or “rejected” that the rest of the family chose to travel to Utah for Thanksgiving instead of staying with them in Flagstaff.

Robyn explained to her kids why Kody inflicted such strict rules on the family, explaining that the reason was to protect their health, and reinforced that she was following Kody’s rules to a T by not traveling and not allowing her kids to have social lives.

Although Robyn claimed she gave her kids “choices” whether to follow their dad’s rules or get out more in public and carry on with social lives, Sister Wives fans weren’t buying what Robyn was selling.

Sister Wives viewers took to the comments section where they sounded off about the way Robyn handled the discussion with her kids, many of them noting she was manipulative in her approach.

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Sister Wives viewers call out Robyn Brown over ‘rejected’ comments

“No one wants to be rejected,” one viewer wrote after hearing that Robyn didn’t want her kids to feel that way. “You’ve been helping [Kody] do that to the other wives and children since the beginning of the pandemic. Odd that’s your concern now.”

Another Sister Wives fan felt that Robyn continually made Janelle and Christine feel guilty for their choice, much like Kody guilt-tripped them into choosing between him or their kids.

The fan wrote, “Has nothing to do with the kids ..stop making Janelle and Christine feel guilty for wanting to see their kids …”

sister wives fans didn't like how robyn brown handled telling her kids about thanksgiving in IG video
Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

“She doesn’t want her kids to feel rejected?” another one of Robyn’s critics asked. “Considering there’s been other kids having major surgery they must feel rejected?”

The comment referenced Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, Ysabel, who underwent major back surgery to correct the curvature in her spine caused by scoliosis.

Christine and Ysabel traveled from Arizona to New Jersey for the surgery, while Kody chose to forgo the trip and stay home with Robyn and her kids instead. Ysabel was distraught over her dad’s decision, calling his priorities “a little screwed up.”

When Ysabel returned to Arizona from surgery, Kody didn’t even offer to help Christine with Ysabel’s round-the-clock aftercare which left Christine exhausted.

Kody has admittedly spent the majority of his time at Robyn’s house since the start of the pandemic. Although Kody said the reason was that Robyn was compliant with his ultra-strict rules (unlike Janelle and Christine), most Sister Wives fans think there has always been an ulterior motive.

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Many Sister Wives viewers think Robyn has been plotting to become Kody’s only wife all along; if that was the case, it looks as though Robyn’s plan has worked out exactly how she envisioned.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. I never trusted Robin sense day 1. She always acts like a victim and has fake tears. Her motivation is to be the only wife. She made sure kody didn’t leave for his daughter surgery. Claims her kids can’t be away from him. She only has 1 young daughter. Others adults. Other kids haven’t seen their dad in over 9 months. That’s ok with her. Still trying to figure out why she has a nanny. Wish Meri, and Jenelle would leave him too. Make a show with christine and meri. Without kody or Robin.

  2. Robin said that she gave her kids choices. Well, if Dalton made the choice to have a social life verses Kody’s rules, where would Dalton live so that he doesn’t get the virus, and spread it to the family.? Robin is full of poo poo!!

  3. Robin is a narcissist plain and simple. She is treating her kids and her life with Kody as the only one that matters. She’s loving following Kodis rules because that means she gets him all to herself. There’s a special place in hell for people like her

  4. kody made such a big deal of demanding that Janelles boys are adults and should no longer be allowed to live at home so ok let’s be fair here then since the Adult children need to move out that means Eoyal Robins son and oldest daughter need to move out too since they are adults after all that way nobody can call favoritism and Robyn won’t feel like she is being unfairly treated by the adult kids and other wives. Let’s see what the excuse will be about this one.

  5. Kody is a creep and Robyn rules the roost. She claims she’s giving her kids choices but their choices must agree with what Kody says. That’s a dictator. Not a father. I can’t get past Robyn’s eyebrows!

  6. Monogamous families make the decisions al the time where to spend holidays as kids grow up and move away. It is not a rejection of one part of the family to want to spend time with another part of the family. Robyn and Kodi are both guilty of driving a wedge between the wives and the kids. Sad to see how dysfunctional this family really is.


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