Sister Wives: The Browns talk about rarely getting the whole family together under one roof

The Brown Family from Sister Wives (1)
Kody sits down with wives Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. Pic credit: TLC

TLC released another spoiler from the upcoming season in a clip that shows the Browns talking about what a rare occurrence it is to get the entire family under one roof anymore.

The clip begins with family members entering the home of Kody’s third wife, Christine in Flagstaff. Everyone looks upbeat and greets each other with hellos and hugs.

Two out-of-state family members, Madison and Caleb, along with daughter Evie, are visiting from North Carolina. Madison is the biological daughter of Kody and Janelle and her husband is Caleb Brush.

Kody states that it’s been a long time since they have visited, along with other family members.

Janelle adds that when the kids are all together, it’s kind of like a holiday. Christine smiles and cheerfully chimes in, saying, “It feels like a holiday.”

The cameras capture plenty of footage of the Brown siblings embracing each other and doting on the newest addition to the family, granddaughter Evie.

TLC captioned the post with, “The Gang’s All Here. It feels like a holiday when the family is all together under one roof! #SisterWives.”

It feels like the only time they all get together is when family comes in from out of town

Kody glances at his wives during their confessional and declares that he doesn’t think they’re getting together enough. He says it’s “been weeks” with a concerned look on his face and says the reason they’re together right now is “because of the kids.”

Robyn adds that the family gets together for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, but stresses that Brown kids coming into Flagstaff to visit is a priority when it comes to gathering everyone together under the same roof.

She looks sad when she says all-inclusive visits don’t happen as often as when they lived in Vegas.

Janelle interrupts with her opinion, saying it makes her “so angry” and that she wants everyone to pull out their calendars and schedule get-togethers.

Kody comments that living in Flagstaff has really changed their family dynamic, with a concerned expression on his face.

Where was Meri?

One curious observation: Meri is visibly absent from the confessional couch with the rest of the wives. Are the other four spouses indirectly throwing shade at her for her absence?

Kody recently admitted that he and Meri’s marriage is “estranged” and that they don’t share a home or visit with each other.

Since their move to Flagstaff, Meri has immersed herself in her business ventures, namely her LuLaRoe business, which seems to be thriving as well as Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, her bed and breakfast.

Meri lives alone in an enormous house in Flagstaff and due to her top earner status with LuLaRoe, has secured herself financially, so fans often wonder why she stays with the family, especially since they’re living as separate families now.

Fans voiced their opinions about the clip too and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they weren’t shy about it.

As one fan commented, regarding Kody, “He’s the one that moved them there and now blames Flagstaff for their issues. Smh.”

Fan comments on Sister Wives via TLC Instagram
Fans aren’t shy about voicing their opinions about the Brown family. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Fans of Sister Wives are curious whether the family will finally become one again, or continue living separate lives.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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