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Sister Wives spoiler: Robyn Brown says Janelle and Christine ‘don’t care to be’ around her and her kids

Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown spoke out against her sister wives Janelle and Christine for spending Thanksgiving away from her. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown was upset that Janelle and Christine chose not to spend the holidays with her and her kids and felt they didn’t want to be around her.

Kody Brown’s rules for his wives and kids amid the pandemic have taken center stage this season on Sister Wives.

In this week’s episode, airing on Sunday, January 9, Janelle and Christine chose not to stay in Flagstaff with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving.

Janelle and Christine decided that instead of abiding by Kody’s rules for two weeks and spending Thanksgiving with the family in Flagstaff, they were going to Utah to be with extended family.

Of Kody’s four wives (before Christine left their plural marriage), Janelle and Christine have stood firmly against his pandemic protocols.

Robyn Brown tells her kids Janelle and Christine are skipping Thanksgiving on next Sister Wives

In a preview for Sunday’s episode (which you can watch here), Robyn sits her kids down to break the news that Janelle and Christine won’t be joining the rest of the family for Thanksgiving.

“I’m just worried about how it’s going to make them feel if it’s gonna start making them be bitter and stop, you know, wanting to be around the family and stuff because they don’t care to be around us,” Robyn said during a solo confessional.

Robyn’s statement insinuated that Janelle and Christine’s decision was based on who they preferred to spend time with rather than not wanting to follow Kody’s rules.

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When Robyn told her kids that Christine was also headed to Utah for Thanksgiving, her daughter Aurora said, “They’re the ones who are constantly like, pushing for the family to get together and when we finally have common ground on, like, this is what we need to do, they kinda just went, ‘Screw it, basically’?”

Robyn Brown insinuates Christine said ‘Screw it’ to spending time with family

Robyn didn’t tell Aurora she was wrong and during her confessional, she actually admitted that what she said was true.

“I don’t wanna go, ‘No, that’s not true, that’s not true,’ because there is truth to what Aurora is saying. I’m not gonna lie to her.”

Rather than tell Aurora she agreed with her, Robyn took the neutral approach and explained that Christine just decided she would rather spend Thanksgiving with her daughter Aspyn.

Robyn then confessed that although it’s natural for a mom to want to visit her children who live out of state, it’s not something that sister wives should do.

“You can’t really do that in a plural family,” Robyn told the camera. “Where’s Kody supposed to go?”

Robyn has been Kody’s most obedient wife when it comes to following his strict rules to a T (along with her nanny) and that has meant that she has spent the most time with Kody during the pandemic.

Judging by Robyn’s reputation among Sister Wives fans, her plan to become Kody’s only wife is going exactly as she mapped it out.

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Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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    • The buck stops with Kody and his arrogance. Wish Robyn would quit playing the victim all the time. She didn’t need to throw Janelle and Christine under the bus. Things can be said in a positive way without drama and being nasty about it or allowing a child to be that also.

      • Sister Wives should be a cautionary tale for anyone considering living a polygamous lifestyle. All it takes is one manipulative wife (Robyn) to destroy the family. And as for Robyn’s kids being used to further Robyn’s agenda: this family worked fine before Robyn blew it up.

  1. Kody is a narcissist. Robyn is either brain washed or just stupid. Janell and Christine are doing what’s best for their kids and poor Meri is desperate. Kody is claiming all these major sacrifices for his family but isn’t making any. A real sacrifice would be telling Robyn it isn’t all about her and going to he with his daughter during a MAJOR surgery. He isn’t making sacrifices, he just expects everyone else in his family to sacrifice to please him.

  2. This is all so SILLY & disgusting. So what if Christine wants to spend time with her daughter in Utah. That’s family! Just because Kody & Robyn think that’s not family, they are misguided. Families are separated by miles nowadays. I can’t remember when all my children & their families have been together. You adjust, place phone calls, FaceTime, etc. This family has begun to make me sick. Celebrate with the ones that are coming & stop complaining because someone wants to spend the holidays with a particular family member.
    Just wondering: have Kody, Robyn, Janelle & Meri & their children had the vaccine? If not, they are the problem. I’ve had Covid & it’s not pleasant. Get the vaccine to protect all of us. I don’t want unvaccinated people around me. Grow up Kody. You are so immature.

  3. Cody is more worried about being famous than being a husband and father. He is an ego maniac and need to realize he is not Gods gift to the word. Those women deserve better. Let Robyn have him, clearly that’s what they want.

  4. Besides Cody being an a— for not understanding that Janelle and Christine want to spend time with their children during Thanksgiving, obviously Kody feels they should stay with him because their kids are all adults, Robyn really dropped the ball when she told her kids that they really did not want to spend the holiday with them. Are you kidding Robin? You have young children who are not old enough to be elsewhere-how would you feel if they were and no longer at home with you? This has nothing to do with Covid-you and Kody are obviously meant for each other and have finally gotten your way-you may be rid of Janelle & Christine, but Meri’s not going anywhere-after all, you already have her marriage certificate-what more do you need? How does it feel to know that no that matter what, Meri still wants into your husband’s bed? Not sure how that will work-maybe Tri-igomy?


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