Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown says ‘How you love a man is to respect him’ when it comes to his rules

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown expected “respect and loyalty” from his wives regarding his strict rules. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Kody Brown expects “respect and loyalty” when it comes to following his strict rules, but not all of his wives are on board.

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules once again played a huge role.

The family was torn on whether to spend Thanksgiving together, with Janelle and Christine ultimately deciding to leave their family in Flagstaff behind and traveling to Utah.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown spends Thanksgiving with Meri, Robyn, and her kids

Kody has been spending almost all of his time exclusively at Robyn’s house, who was the most obedient when it came to sticking to Kody’s rules.

Meri also followed Kody’s strict rules, meaning that she was allowed to finally visit Robyn’s house after months of social distancing.

Meri chose to stay behind in Flagstaff to spend Thanksgiving with Kody, Robyn, and their kids, despite having the option to spend it with her daughter Mariah or her now-late mother Bonnie instead.

For their Thanksgiving celebration at Robyn’s house, Meri helped in the kitchen then joined Dayton, Breanna, Aurora, Solomon, and Ariella at the table for dinner along with Kody and Robyn.

During his solo confessional, Kody admitted, “COVID has been such a strain on the family.”

Kody Brown expects ‘respect and loyalty’ when it comes to his strict rules

Speaking of Robyn and her kids along with Meri, Kody added, “Everybody here at this table has been really easy on me about my rules for COVID and the contrast has been one of those things that has really just made me aware of those who are loyal to me and those who are not.”

“It’s as much respect as it is loyalty, I suppose,” Kody added of his family members who chose to strictly abide by his rules. “How you love a man is to respect him.”

Kody went on to imply that Meri and Robyn displayed more loyalty and respected him more than his other wives, Janelle and Christine.

“And so I’m sitting here just appreciating where I’m at and who’s with me,” Kody added.

Janelle, however, continued to voice her dismay over Kody’s strict rules and confessed, “There’s all this discussion about loyalty and respect and I thought in marriage it was mutual. I thought you were supposed to give it both ways, not just that all the respect and all the loyalty flows to one person.”

Janelle and Kody’s issues have come to the surface this season, leading Sister Wives viewers to root on Janelle to follow Christine’s lead and split from Kody.

Be sure to tune in tonight and catch the rest of the episode, titled Two Cliques.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Kody is a complete narcissist..bully..only about himself..and Robyn kissing his butt!!!