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Sister Wives fans are rooting for Janelle Brown to be the next wife to leave Kody Brown

Janelle and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Will Janelle Brown be the next of Kody’s wives to leave him? Sister Wives fans are hoping so. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives fans are hoping Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown, follows Christine’s lead and leaves the marriage.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, left him in November 2021 after 27 years of spiritual marriage.

Christine and Janelle Brown fire back at Kody Brown this season on Sister Wives

Christine’s split didn’t exactly shock Sister Wives viewers who watched her marriage to Kody disintegrate in recent seasons of the show.

This season, Sister Wives fans are seeing both Christine and Janelle finding their voices against their husband, Kody, whose strict rules for the family have done more harm than good, as he recently admitted.

In the last episode of Sister Wives, Janelle became fed up with Kody’s rules during a meeting between the spouses, ending in her storming off and yelling, “F**k off!” to Kody.

Janelle’s reaction surprised many Sister Wives viewers, but also impressed many other fans of the show.

Sister Wives fans call for Janelle Brown to leave Kody Brown

Now, Sister Wives fans are calling for Janelle to join her former sister wife, Christine Brown, and leave Kody.

sister wives fans hope janelle leaves kody
Pic credit: @pollypotchick/Twitter

Taking to Twitter after this week’s episode, Sister Wives fans sounded off on the social media platform.

“Watching yesterday’s #SisterWives episode and all I keep thinking is that I hope Janelle has left Kody irl and they just haven’t announced bc of the show,” wrote one viewer.

Sister Wives viewers have wondered whether Janelle has already left Kody and joined Christine in Utah, perhaps keeping the news under wraps due to the show’s contractual obligations.

sister wives on twitter want janelle to leave kody brown
Pic credit: @RedPandaSpirit/Twitter

Another Sister Wives fan showed their support for Janelle and also tweeted that they hope to see Janelle leave Kody.

“Janelle has always been the smartest and most level headed member of the entire Brown family, so when I heard her tell her disgusting pig of a husband to [middle finger emoji] off, I felt renewed hope for the world!” they wrote.

“I wanna see all but Robin leave hm. Not sorry,” the viewer added.

One Sister Wives viewer surmised that Kody is likely only spending time with Robyn, despite still being married to Janelle, now that Christine is gone and Meri admitted they don’t see each other.

sister wives fans on twitter want janelle to leave kody brown
Pic credit: @MrsSnuffaluff

“Robyn saying she didn’t sign up for this has me wondering how she feels now with Christine gone,” one curious Sister Wives fan tweeted.

They continued, “You know he’s probably still not going to Meri’s so that only leaves Janelle. Robyn’s a** was lying anyway, she’s got him right where she wants him.”

Just as Sister Wives fans are loving seeing Christine find her voice this season, they’re just as thrilled about seeing Janelle stand up to Kody and put her kids first too.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. Hope Janelle leaves..Meri is weak! Robyn had it judt loke dhe always wanted it..Kody to hetsrlf!!! Kody is a the narsistic person!!! Hope his older kids disown him!!! Get vaccinated if you’re so worried about Covid!!!

  2. Kody has become a gigantic ass throughout COVID. S as I watch the train wreck that is the latest season I constantly wonder how many of the family members not following the “Kidy Kommandnents” contracted COVID. I don’t care if you are monogamous or polygamous, if you don’t put the children that you brought into the world first you shouldn’t have had them in the first place. And the horrible way he talks about his YOUNG adult sons and his flippant “bye bye” makes me want to vomit. He is their father not their king and this just might be the first time he is realizing he didn’t not hold the power. I want to be besties with Christine and Janelle, I want to get to know Meri and understand her position, and I wouldn’t cross the street to say hello to Robyn. She has some great kids though so she has to have some good qualities…I just can’t find them.

  3. Robin deserves Kody and all the bull$hit that comes with him. Christine and Janelle need to sue him for child support. If he can’t pay ol’well send his rear to jail like the rest of the deadbeat dads.

  4. It’s good to see Christine and Janelle stand up to Kody. Because I am finding Mary’s attempts to win him back pretty pathetic. It’s just sad. And we all know that the favorite Robyn just wants him all to herself. She can deny it all she wants but she’s behind a lot of these ridiculous rules for Covid.

  5. They all need to leave him and move on and find happiness. He is legally married to Robyn so she should be stuck with him as she wants. Feel bad for all the children.

  6. I think all of. The wives except Robyn should leave that silly man. He is a childish foolish person. He sees himself as smarter than anyone in the family. I see him as the smart ass, who is a poor excuse of a father or a husband. Kick his behind to the curb.


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