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Sister Wives spoiler: Janelle Brown says Kody’s rules are ‘biggest problem’ they’ve had in their marriage

Kody and Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown admitted that Kody’s rules have been the “biggest contention” in their nearly 30-year-long marriage. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown admitted that her husband Kody Brown’s strict rules for his family became the “biggest contention” in their entire marriage.

Last season’s Sister Wives focused mainly on the Brown family trying to navigate the pandemic as a large, polygamous family.

This season, not much has changed other than the fact that Kody’s rules have become increasingly more strict, which meant that his family has started living even more separately than ever before.

Sister Wives fans now know that Kody’s behavior played a big role in why his third wife Christine decided to walk away from their spiritual union in November 2021.

In this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody’s second wife Janelle admitted that the disparity over her husband’s rules has driven a wedge between them.

Kody and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, sat down to finalize their plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas in an outdoor, socially distanced conversation.

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives says Kody’s rules have been a ‘huge point of contention’ in their marriage

“Like, it’s a real, huge point of contention,” Janelle said of Kody’s rules and her sister wives’ disparity over them. “Maybe the biggest problem we’ve ever had in our marriage – our biggest contention, maybe – in our whole marriage has been this.”

Janelle and Christine both have adult children still living at home with them, so following Kody’s rules wasn’t as easy for them as it was for Robyn, whose children are all still at home and younger.

Garrison and Gabe, two of Kody and Janelle’s adult sons still living at home at the time, were both working outside the home and engaging in social lives, which was against Kody’s rules if they wanted to see him or the rest of the family.

Gabe was so dead-set against his dad’s rules that he said they were “literally ruining” their family – and he might not have been wrong, given the current state of the family.

Kody seemed to blame Janelle’s kids wanting to hang out with Christine for the holidays on the fact that Christine isn’t as strict with giving them rules.

Kody Brown continues to take shots at now-ex wife Christine Brown

“I get it,” Kody confessed. “They wanna focus on doing things with Christine. Christine doesn’t make any rules or make anybody abide by them. I’m the heavy in the family.”

Christine and Janelle ultimately decided they would spend their Thanksgiving with extended family outside of Flagstaff, but then follow Kody’s rules for two weeks before Christmas in order to spend time with the rest of the family.

Kody’s rules were something he talked about often, but only recently typed up and printed out for his wives to read. Kody claimed the list of rules came about for his and Robyn’s nanny, and he expected the rest of the family to oblige as well.

Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the rest of the episode and find out what else Kody has done to further push his wives away.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. I’ve been watching the show for a long time and I’ll tell you what you got for women sitting there that allows one guy Cody to manipulate and control their livesAnd Christine I respect you when you said your children will always come first absolutely he he’s a child at mind it’s my way or no way

  2. I am 100% glad that Christine no longer wants to be with Kody. She has never been happy since the show started and has always been irrationally jealous of the other wives. She has constantly undermined and trashed the father of her children. Anyone that thinks Kody controls and suppresses his wives are simply hateful, unhappy females that probably behave just like Christine…the enemy within. Now, all Kody needs to do is remove himself from potty mouth Janelle. Those women are the most spoiled, self-anointed and malicious females that any man could have. Good riddance Christine and Janelle, quoting what you barked at Kody as you waddled away…FO!


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