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Sister Wives: One on One: Tell-All special confirmed

A screenshot from a former Sister Wives tell-all
The Season 16 finale of Sister Wives confirmed a post-season one-on-one Tell-All with Kody and his wives. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives viewers are in for a treat after Season 16 comes to an end — a one-on-one Tell-All special has been confirmed.

The future of Sister Wives on TLC has been uncertain in recent seasons.

Between Kody’s failed marriages, the family struggling to agree on how to navigate the pandemic, and the Browns’ reluctance to build on Coyote Pass, Sister Wives viewers wondered if there would be enough content to keep them watching.

This season continued to show Sister Wives viewers how Kody Brown’s strict rules tore his family apart and exposed Christine’s plan to leave Kody, as Monsters & Critics previously reported.

Just as the drama was starting to get juicy with Christine packing up Kody’s belongings and planning to leave him, Season 16 is coming to an end. However, earlier this month, Kody and Christine’s son Paedon confirmed that the family is currently filming for Season 17.

Sister Wives viewers have wondered what happened to Tell-All specials

This has left Sister Wives fans wondering, not only about the future of the show but about a possible post-season Tell-All episode like they’ve aired in past seasons.

The last time Sister Wives fans saw Kody Brown and his wives sit down on the couches for a Tell-All episode was following Season 13, which aired in 2019. SuChin Pak hosted the two-part Tell-All which took place shortly after the Browns moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff.

kody brown and Sukanya Krishnan talk during sister wives: one on one
Kody Brown talks with Sukanya Krishnan during Season 16’s Tell-All, Sister Wives: One on One. Pic credit: Discovery+

Last year, before a sixteenth season was announced, Sister Wives fans wondered about the possibility of future Tell-All specials.

The Tell-All episodes gathered Kody and his wives together to discuss what happened during the show during the previous season. Sister Wives viewers looked forward to the Tell-Alls, where a lot of questions were answered as the spouses were put in the hot seat.

Sister Wives: One on One: Tell-All special confirmed following Season 16

Now, it’s been confirmed that not only will there be a Tell-All following Season 16, but it’s going to take on a different format than prior Tell-Alls.

Sister Wives: One on One will feature a new host, Sukanya Krishnan, who hosted the 90 Day Fiance spinoff Love Games on Discovery+.

“I’m sitting down with each one of the Browns individually to talk about the biggest events of the season,” Sukanya says during the trailer.

During the preview, which aired at the end of Season 16’s finale episode of Sister Wives, Sukanya is seen telling Kody that he “emotionally abandoned” some of his family members.

Kody is then seen getting angry, saying, “I take offense to that word,” as he uses hand gestures to get across his point.

Then, Kody tells Sukanya, “When Meri had an affair,” before cutting to Meri telling the host, “If he wants to give up, he can give up.”

Another clip shows Kody telling host Sukanya, “I never said no, that we weren’t going to be intimate again,” referencing the scene this season when Christine Brown revealed that Kody was withholding intimacy from her.

When Sukanya asked Christine, “Where are you and Kody right now?” the 48-year-old mother of six matter-of-factly replied, “Kody and I are divorced.”

Then, Robyn tearfully tells Sukanya, “I don’t see why giving up is an option when you haven’t actually tried,” seemingly talking about Christine and Kody’s failed marriage.

meri brown talks with Sukanya Krishnan during sister wives: one on one
Meri Brown chats with Sukanya Krishnan during Sister Wives: One on One. Pic credit: Discovery+

“She made a choice that she was never gonna have a functioning marriage,” Janelle chimed in, also presumably speaking about Christine and Kody.

Sukanya then asks Kody, “Did she ever hear you say, ‘I don’t want you to leave?'” before he responds, “No.”

“It’s the hardest time of my life,” Christine admits from the couch as the preview comes to an end.

Per TLC’s website, here is a description of Sister Wives: One on One: “The Browns sit down individually to talk about their most contentious season yet. Kody, Christine and Meri answer burning questions about the current state of their relationships, and the rest of the family discusses the challenges brought on by COVID.”

Now that Sister Wives: One on One has been confirmed, viewers can look forward to plenty more drama to come from the Brown family.

Part one of Sister Wives: One one One airs on Sunday, January 30 at 10/9c on TLC.

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  1. Cody abanded his love for all the sister wives, except the newest one far as Mary goes…she was cat-fished, and didn`t have an affair, only wanted to feel love and Kody let her always know he didn`t like her at all..he bit in the cat fish deal like he was really dishonored..and Mary took the blunt of it as always..she has cried a river of tears..she was his first and legal wife, divorced him to help Robin and hin to be married know the details…I am glad the sister wives have decided to move on..for the sake of their children,etc

  2. In my opinion Cody is only staying with the other wives (other than Queen Robin) because of his religious views. He has no desire for them at all, even the children. It is obvious where his head is at. If he wanted to see his other wives and children and even be there for surgeries he would make a way….despite the whispers of one wife. Robin is trying to paint herself innocent in his decision making but that is obvious even by the tidbits of their lives that are open to the public. I feel so bad for Mary. She devoted herself to him. She obviously felt lonely and got taken advantage of. If he was giving her attention she would never seek friendships from outside. She deserves to be loved abs happy.

  3. This pandemic has hurt alot of people. However seem that since they have all moved into their own homes away from each other they are not as close. Cody has not been a very good husband to any of the 4 in my eyes. He has forgotton who has been there for him for years, MARY. And truthfully why she stays is beyond me. She is a very pretty woman and she deserves to be happy. Christine, good for you. Don’t except less than you deserve. As well as Janelle and Robin. Seems like they need to have a meeting of the minds, say the truth and be able to sit and take it, if you are telling the truth about what was said, then no worries. Good luck to all of you.

  4. You can’t divorce someone you were not married to …..
    Don’t get how Robyn and Janelle can lay it all in christines lap —Robyn has no clue what Christine has or has not done has witness what Kody has not done. Highly doubt she Would be ok if she were on the receiving end of his BS

  5. Kody is ALWAYS a victim, so he thinks, he never takes responsibility for his behavior which IMO is horrible. I throw the BS flag… Anyone can see Robyn is his favorite, and surely she does too. Meri, girlie, WHY do you stay with him. You’re in the “friend” zone now. No more intimacy from him. Kody has made his unhappy bed and he should lay in it. This entire season he’s put down plural marriage, he’s always angry these independent women don’t need him every moment of every day. Time to grow up dude, put your big boy pants on, finally. His attitude is really bad, but let’s not forget, it’s one wife or another’s fault. Wonder how in the world his nanny got Covid, with agreeing to his page of demands.

  6. I am so happy for Christine she finally put her kids and herself before the speem donor. Meri I used to feel sorry for but I dont anymore. She has given kody to ok to disrespect her and treat her like a bag of garbage. Janelle I had hopes for when she walked out on the narcissist telling him to “F-OFF”. I about fell off the couch laughing and yelling about time. Now she is throwing Christine under the bus. Not cool. Now as for Robyn, hmmmm the only thing I have to say about the water works queen is CONGRATULATIONS you have succeeded in ruining this family that was so close and happy before you showed up begging for a new daddy for your kids and insurance. I have heard rumors of kody starting a new line up of wives with Robyn at the head. I for one will never watch it. I have a much better day watching Christine’s live feeds on cooking, clothing and anything else that she would do since she is the only one with any self respect at all.

  7. Oh my gosh!!!! I am so happy for Christine and her courage to leave such a dysfunctional marriage! Good for her! I just hope and pray…yes pray, I am a Christian, that the other wives come to realize how much of a narcissist Kody really is and have the same bravado as Christine to grow backbones and leave such a self absorbed individual! Congratulations Christine!

  8. Good for Meri and Christine. Since Kody has met Robyn, he has been solely into her. Robyn knows exactly what she is doing. Whatever Kody says goes and that is another thing that makes Kody attracted to her. Meri was with him when he decided to get another wife and another and another… Once he asked for the divorce for Robyn and her kids, that is when it all fell apart and I do not blame Meri for the way she feels. Christine is finally seeing it and wants to get rid of that part of her life. She wants to be happy, as she should be. I think Janelle should wave good bye to Kody and let him and Robyn have the life they so desperately want together. He is slowly getting rid of the other wives…


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