Christine Brown credits her mom and fans with encouraging her to leave Kody Brown, it was ‘the next right thing’

Sister Wives star Christine Brown
Christine Brown told a fan that she feared she wouldn’t have support when she decided to leave Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown revealed that she worried about being unsupported when she was considering leaving her now-ex-husband Kody Brown.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Christine announced her split from Kody Brown in November 2021 after nearly 30 years of marriage and six biological children together.

This season on Sister Wives, viewers are getting an inside look at some of the things that drove Christine to leave Kody.

Many Sister Wives viewers believe that Kody’s refusal to accompany his and Christine’s daughter Ysabel to her back surgery, along with his rigid pandemic rules, were the breaking point for Christine.

Cameo video of Sister Wives star Christine Brown surfaces talking about leaving Kody Brown

Now, a Cameo video has surfaced in which Christine talked to a fan about making decisions and hinted at her own decision to leave Kody last year.

The video was shared in a Reddit post titled “A cameo Christine did that addresses so much!” and shows the 49-year-old talking to one of her fans on the platform.

“Becoming a bad a** was really… it was an important step for me to make, I think,” Christine started the video. “I was talking to my mom – gosh, last year – and she was just saying, ‘You have to listen to your heart, and then make a decision based on joy. But listen to your heart, and really go deep into who you are as a person, and then make that decision.'”

Christine was seemingly referencing her decision to leave Kody, which obviously weighed heavy on her mind, especially because she’s in the public eye.

Christine continued to describe the conversation she had with her mom that helped her choose to break free from Kody.

“And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but people are going to know my business. Anything that I decide to do since I’m public, people are going to know.’ She’s like, ‘So?’ She’s like ‘So what? So what? Make a decision for yourself, and go with that.’ And so I did,” Christine told her fan.

Christine Brown thanks fans for helping her on her journey ‘to where she is’

Christine added how thankful she is for her supportive fans and credited them with helping her get where she is today, which is in Utah, without Kody.

“But then I’ve been blown away by people like you that are so supportive and so kind, and you have made – help – you’ve helped me make my journey, um, to where I am,” Christine said. “And I really, really appreciate you, so thank you.”

Christine also referenced the movie Frozen 2 and compared her situation to Anna being in the “pits of despair” while singing about doing the “next right thing.”

“And just doing the next right thing, and making the next step, and she doesn’t know what the end looks like, no one knows what the end of any journey looks like,” Christine said, likening the scene to her deciding to leave Kody.

“All you can hope to do is the next right thing, and man, I cannot tell you how that resonated with me so much,” Christine added.

This season on Sister Wives has shown a side of Kody Brown that has viewers showing their distaste for the polygamous husband of three. Kody’s mistreatment of his wives and children, mainly due to his strict rules, has caused even more division among the family and shown where everyone’s loyalty lies.

Christine proved where her loyalty lies, and it’s with her kids. Christine and her kids are currently living their best lives in Utah, despite Kody calling Christine’s bluff on moving out of Arizona.

As Christine said this season of Kody guilt-tripping her into choosing between him and their kids, “If he wants me to make a choice between him and my kids, my kids will always win. Every. Single. Time.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.