Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown loses his cool when Christine Brown suggests lifting his restrictions

Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown said Christine was “so full of bulls**t” for not following his strict rules. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Kody Brown gave up on arguing with his wife Christine over his strict COVID-19 rules and said she was “full of bulls**t” when she suggested lifting them.

In the next episode of Sister Wives, things continue to unravel in Christine and Kody Brown’s now-defunct marriage.

Last week, Sister Wives viewers saw Christine question Robyn Brown’s nanny at the end of the episode, asking the camera, “What. Does. The. Nanny. Do?!”

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Now, in a preview clip shared by ET Online, Christine tells Kody that she thinks it’s time to lift his strict restrictions for the family after six months of isolation.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown explains why he and wife Robyn have a nanny

Kody starts off the clip by explaining his and Robyn’s nanny’s role in their home.

“Robyn and I have an employee. We call her a nanny. She comes over, she helps with caring for the kids and she helps with schooling the kids,” Kody said during a confessional.

Christine didn’t understand why Robyn’s nanny is “over all the time,” yet she and Kody’s daughters aren’t allowed at Robyn’s house to visit their siblings.

Christine admitted to Kody that Ysabel is “devastated” that she’s been kept away from her siblings, especially after having major back surgery.

Christine Brown calls out Kody for unfair rules, daughters are ‘devastated’

“What is the nanny and her husband doing that makes it so that they can come over?” Christine asked the camera during her confessional. “Cuz when I’m home, I do exactly what I should, yet my girls can’t see their siblings.”

When Christine told Kody that she thinks it’s time the family lifts his restrictions, he ranted during his confessional about her not following the rules.

“She’s not keeping the same rules. She’s not doing the same thing,” Kody confessed. “She’s so full of bulls**t!” Kody added with a sarcastic laugh.

Christine then pointed out to Kody that it’s been six months and they’re “not doing well,” and wanted a guarantee that the family was going to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Otherwise, Christine threatened that she was leaving, which momentarily silenced Kody until he said the family would have to come to a consensus on what they were going to do.

Kody Brown admits to breakdown of trust among the family

“We are at an impasse. We disagree,” Kody continued during his confessional. “I’m just done with this conversation.”

Kody then wiped his hands of it, literally, before saying, “I’m done!”

When Kody got up to leave Christine’s house (clearly irritated about the situation), Christine rolled her eyes before going back inside and saying, “Good talk,” then slammed the door behind her.

“I don’t even know if Kody wants to see everybody all together again,” Christine told cameras. “I’m really seriously worried about that. Maybe he’s fine just living separate.”

For Kody’s turn on the couch again, he reiterated that he would like for everyone in the family to follow his COVID-19 protocols so they can all come together as one, big family again.

“So far, there’s no indicators that everybody’s willing to do that,” Kody added. “What we have is a fundamental breakdown of trust in the family.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Christina K. Bacon
Christina K. Bacon
1 year ago

I think Kody is an ass and just wants Robyn and if that’s the case he needs to let the others go their separate ways and live their own lives. I don’t understand what’s so special about Robyn, I think Kody needs to just concentrate on one woman, who the hell needs that many wives????

1 year ago

I think Kody Brown made up his mind which rife he wanted a long time ago. Mary, Christine and Janelle or just do to accept it 85. He has given no indication he wants anyone but Robyn.

1 year ago

Kody is so self-centered. He lets Robin lead him around, by dictating what she wants and then expects the rest of the wives to do what she wishes. How can only man be able to give every child, wife and grandchildren time and love equally?
It is so visible Robin is the only person he wants in his life.
The rest of the wives should take Kody to the financial cleaners.