Sister Wives’ Meri Brown shares photo of George Floyd’s daughter in heartfelt post about Black Lives Matter

Meri on Sister Wives
Meri on Sister Wives. Pic Credit: TLC.

Meri Brown, star of Sister Wives and the first of Kody Brown’s four wives, is speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd.

Meri’s daughter Mariah, who frequently posts about social movements, has been very vocal about her support for Black Lives Matter.

Some of the Brown wives have also spoken out about the issue. Christine shared a post that read in part, “Saying #BlackLivesMatter isn’t hard! Let’s say it and LIVE IT!”

Second wife Janelle posted a bible quote- John 13:34, “As I have loved you, love one another,”- with hand emojis in different skin tones.

She then participated in blackout Tuesday with an all-black square inscribed with faint letters spelling out “Black Lives Matter.”

Meri has finally joined her two sister wives in talking about the issue.

Meri supports the movement

The post came two weeks after George Floyd died on May 25.

Meri explained the delay in the caption for the post, saying, “I’ve taken a step back this past week to consider, to contemplate, to read, to learn, to have conversations, to try to organize the chaos in my head.”

According to Meri, taking that step back to contemplate the issue has given her clarity.

“Being angry that George Floyd & so many other people of color have been killed by white people isn’t enough.”

The post was a photo of George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna along with her famous words “Daddy changed the world.”

Meri's Instagram post featuring Gianna Floyd. Pic Credit: @therealmeribrown / Instagram
Meri’s Instagram post featuring Gianna Floyd. Pic Credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri explained that when she first started hearing about the Black Lives Matter movement, her first thought was that she agreed, but she didn’t understand why it was “Black Lives Matter” rather than “All Lives Matter.”

However, as she learned more, Meri changed her opinion.

She explained her conversion with an analogy: “When colorectal cancer awareness month rolls around, I wonder how many people fight that by saying, wait a minute, ALL cancer matters! My guess is, not too many.”

Meri finished the post with a call to action.

“Let’s all do our part in supporting little Gianna Floyd,” she said. “Let’s honor her, and let’s honor her daddy and all the others. Let’s not let them have died in vain. Let’s do our part to contribute to the change.”

What’s next for Meri?

Meri’s post comes at a strange time for the family. There are rumors that her marriage isn’t doing well. Sister Wives is currently on hiatus, but Christine seemed to confirm that a season 15 was in the cards for the family.

The Browns sign non-disclosure agreements for the show, so Meri has been tight-lipped about what she’s up to.

Whatever happens next for her, it will likely be featured on the show.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus from TLC. 

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