Is Sister Wives returning for Season 15? Christine Brown spills the beans on filming

Christine Brown in a Sister Wives confessional.
Christine Brown slipped and revealed Season 15 of Sister Wives is possible. Pic credit: TLC

Season 14 of Sister Wives came to a close without tying up loose ends. Christine Brown may have confirmed that there will be a Season 15 when she talked about the storyline unfolding with Ysabel.

There were plenty of questions about what was happening with the Browns when Sister Wives ended. All of the things left hanging in the balance will likely give way to what will be the focal point moving forward.

Christine Brown reveals Season 15 filming

A few weeks ago, Christine Brown was doing a Facebook live through her Lularoe group and slipped up. The Sister Wives star took questions from her group, and several of them were about Ysabel, and how she was doing.

Unfortunately, Christine couldn’t answer the questions, but she did drop some tea. The reality star revealed she had signed a non-disclosure agreement about Ysabel and her condition because it will be part of her storyline.

She all but confirmed that Season 15 of Sister Wives is coming.

The timeline will likely remain up in the air with production for most television shows at a standstill. News that more is coming is good, especially with all of the unanswered questions at the end of Season 14.

What is the storyline with Ysabel Brown?

Long-time fans of Sister Wives will know that Ysabel Brown has some health issues. She has scoliosis, which has lead to other problems. As a teenager, she has added challenges that have her parents concerned.

Both Kody and Christine Brown have talked about their goals for Ysabel about scoliosis. Surgery was a huge debate, with Sister Wives’ fans weighing in on what they believe should have happened.

Now, Christine confirmed that fans would see more of Ysabel Brown’s story. Of course, she cannot disclose any of what will happen, or any progress that she made, which has some fans getting antsy.

It is unclear if the family filmed any part of Season 15 before the coronavirus pandemic. Typically, TLC shoots new seasons months in advance, and if that is the case, Ysabel’s storyline could already be filmed.

TLC has not yet confirmed Season 15, but the network doesn’t usually give out renewals with advance notice. The show’s trailers speak for themselves, and are released a month or so ahead of the premiere date.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC at a later date.

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