Sister Wives: Maddie Brown wants to show fans daughter Evie’s disabilities are ‘normal’

Maddie Brown Brush of Sister Wives
Maddie said she’s “just a mom with normal kids.” Pic credit: TLC

Maddie Brown of Sister Wives fame shared a post about her daughter Evie’s limb differences and wants her fans to come to her page and think they’re “just a normal family.”

Maddie shared a pic of one-year-old Evie playing outside in the mulch and captioned it, “I get asked often, ‘why don’t you lost more about limb difference?’ or ‘why don’t you talk about Evie’s disabilities more often?'”

Maddie wants her fans to know that she’s ‘just a mom with normal kids’

“I suppose that is something you might expect to see, but I want to show that its normal. I’m just a mom with normal kids. Just because you can physically see Evie’s differences doesn’t mean she is any less ‘normal.’ Evie has a limb difference and yes it’s ‘abnormal, ‘ but my goal is to show that she is NORMAL.”

“Evie likes being out side, just like other kids. She likes to explore and climb, just like other kids. It may look different, but she still has a personality, like all other kids,” Maddie wrote.

Maddie told her followers that ‘limb difference is not means for gawking or sympathy’

“She still has a desire to learn her world, just like other kids. She is insisting that she will do it and ‘MOMMY STOPPIT!’ with the hovering JUST. LIKE. OTHER. KIDS.”

“Just because it looks different doesn’t mean it isn’t ‘normal.’ I hope you come to my page and see our lives and what I share and think, ‘oh they are just a normal family?’ Evie is just living her life and limb difference is not means for gawking or sympathy,” she continued.

“She’s different like every other kid has their differences, except you can see hers and that should be something we normalize and I hope to for her.”

Evie’s birth was featured on Sister Wives

Maddie gave birth to Evie in 2019 and it was aired on an episode of Sister Wives. Maddie’s mom, Janelle Brown, was present for the birth.

Maddie and her husband, Caleb discovered that Evie was born with a rare medical condition known as FATCO syndrome, which causes limb malformation. The couple also shares a son, Axel.

To improve mobility, Evie underwent surgery last year to amputate part of her leg and clip the webbing on one of her hands. She was fitted for a prosthetic leg and has thrived ever since.

Maddie often uses the hashtag #limbdifferenceawareness to bring attention to the cause and try to educate people about Evie’s condition.

She doesn’t let her daughter’s differences hinder their lives and Evie enjoys a full, typical life as a toddler.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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2 years ago

I’m so glad Maddie is allowing Evie to have a “normal” childhood. Kids don’t know they are handicapped unless someone points it out to them. The fact that Evie knows how to put on her prosthetic tells me that it’s her “normal.” She is growing up so very fast. Maddie is a FANTASTIC mother!!! (And thank God Maddie and Evie look like Janelle and not Grody Kody!!