Sister Wives: Maddie Brown-Brush’s daughter Evie has a big day, starts journey for new foot

Evie Brush began the process toward a new foot pic credit: @Madison_rose11/Instagram

Maddie Brown-Brush shared her excitement with fans, posting on her Instagram story that her daughter Evie had begun the process to gain mobility in her leg.

“Big Day for Miss Evie!  First molding for her prosthetic!”  Maddie wrote.

Maddie explained that this was just the beginning in what will be a long journey for Evie.  The molds will be sent to specialists who will design a prototype for a prosthesis.  There will then be multiple fittings to customize the prosthetic exactly for Evie.

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“So then he’s going to mold a clear socket and we go back and he fits her with the clear socket so he can see what it looks like, then he can make a prosthesis,” Maddie shared with her followers.

Many Steps ahead in the process of crafting Evie’s prosthesis

Even after the initial prosthetic is made, Maddie was quick to point out that it would be one of many.

Maddie explained that Evie would likely need a new prosthetic every six months during the quick growth period of a toddler. The frequent replacement will likely continue until she reaches adulthood (though as growth slows, she may not need a new one quite as often).

Evie was diagnosed early with a genetic condition

Little Evie was diagnosed at birth with FATCO syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder in which bones and extremities do not fully develop.

In Evie’s case, she was missing her fibula, had a bowed tibia, was missing three fingers, a toe, had fusing in her fingers, and had a shortened forearm.

In August, just after her first birthday, Evie underwent surgery in preparation for her prosthetics. Maddie explained that although Evie had a “functional” foot, the decision to move forward with a prosthetic was an effort to allow her increased mobility and comfort.

Evie received a Boyd amputation, which is an amputation at the ankle that preserves the heel pad.  It is a revolutionary surgery that provides patients with a better foundation for custom prosthetics.

Evie also had the webbing in between her fingers clipped so that she can develop better fine motor skills with them.

Evie getting a mold of her leg, the first step toward a new foot. Pic Credit: @Madison_rose11/Instagram

Early on, Maddie said that it was important to her and her husband Caleb that they be open to the public about what Evie and the family were going through.

Maddie specified that she didn’t want to open her child up to any sort of bullying or trolls, but that being an advocate and continuing to destigmatize differing abilities is very important.

“As a family, we have decided to be open as we walk through this journey.  We want Evie to always feel pride in who she is, and all that God gave her,” Maddie wrote.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus from TLC.

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