Sister Wives: Kody Brown ‘won’t go through with spiritual divorce’ from Christine Brown

Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
A source close to the Brown family weighed in on whether Kody Brown will spiritually divorce Christine. Pic credit: TLC

The status of Kody and Christine Brown’s relationship post-split is still up in the air as the Sister Wives patriarch reportedly won’t give his ex-wife a spiritual divorce.

Christine Brown publicly announced her split from Kody Brown in November last year, after nearly three decades of marriage.

Because Christine was Kody’s third wife, they were never legally married, only spiritually, which is recognized in their church.

Divorce is permitted in the Browns’ church but Kody Brown is ‘anti-divorce’

As Christine explained during the Season 16 finale episode, “You can leave marriage in our church.”

“If it’s a marriage like mine and Kody had where it’s just a spiritual marriage, then they release you spiritually,” Christine explained. “And you go through them. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just between me and God.”

Kody explained his views on divorce during the same episode after Christine packed up his belongings and kicked him out of her bedroom.

“The idea of divorce seems tragic, seems terrible on my faith,” Kody said as he self-filmed from Christine’s garage, surrounded by boxes of his things. “My belief system is kind of anti-divorce, I suppose.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, a Brown family insider spilled the tea on whether Kody would actually go through with spiritually divorcing Christine via their church, since he’s against the idea of ending a marriage.

Sister Wives insider says Kody Brown ‘won’t go through with spiritual divorce’ from Christine Brown

The source told the outlet, “Kody wouldn’t go through with a spiritual divorce from Christine. He left her on her own to make peace with the separation — it was her and God, not her and Kody.”

They added that Kody “doesn’t believe in divorce and therefore will not participate in any spiritual divorce ceremonies” with Christine to make their divorce official within their church.

The insider added that because Kody is not 100% in the “polygamy headspace,” he hasn’t gone through with a “formal ceremony at church” to end their nearly 30-year-long marriage.

The reason for Kody’s hesitance, according to the source, is because he feels betrayed, and not just by Christine.

“He wouldn’t give Christine — or any of his other wives for that matter — the courtesy of going along with [a formal ceremony] since he feels betrayed,” they added, noting that Kody has become more “angry and bitter” lately.

Kody Brown’s spirituality has taken a back seat

Kody and Christine wed in 1994, one year after Kody married his second wife, Janelle, and four years after Kody legally wed his first wife, Meri Brown. Christine and Kody share six children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.

When Sister Wives was first introduced to reality TV audiences in 2010, viewers often saw the Brown family engage in prayer as a family and talk often about their faith. However, as the years have passed, their faith seems to have taken a back seat.

The source added that Kody “used to be very spiritual, but he has not been for a long time,” noting that Kody still has “faith and his religion, but in terms of polygamy, he feels the women betrayed his higher patriarchy.”

Although Season 16 of Sister Wives has come to an end, there is still plenty more to unpack during the three-part tell-all, Sister Wives: One on One, premiering this Sunday, so be sure to tune in!

Part one of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, January 30 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
1 year ago

Kody brown is a creep who only thinks about himself. They are not married in the eyes of the law. So no divorce needed!!!!

1 year ago

He said the women can leave but he doesn’t feel his right to leave them. He also said he had no desire to have a romantic relationship with Meri or Christine. He left them a long time ago so why not allow them to leave with divorce? I hope she goes and gets child support. It takes into account her child not how many children he has or his expenses.

1 year ago

Don’t believe him and it’s a bunch of crock on his part! Didn’t he divorce Meri legally for cry baby Robin. Um that would be yes! So the only one here with guts and smarts is Christine who doesn’t give a crap what he thinks or feels. Slowly these women aren’t worshiping him anymore or want to. I’m so proud of Christine for taking back her life and control of it. Christine is not afraid of him and he can’t compete with her. He thinks he’s punishing her by not giving her the divorce from their church. She said it all. It’s between her and God and Kody can’t fight that. His betrayal and lies have caught up to him and he looks like a psycho wild man. I wish the best for Christine’s children and her new journey in life.And Robin do have fun being the only one to sweep up his crap forever! What a great catch she has.

1 year ago

I feel bad for Meri. Kody brings on two more wives within one year. Why would she not be a b***h to him. Then he takes a forth wife, and divorces Meri to marry Robin. What a crock of crap. He is a sperm donor to a bunch of children. He is not even nice to his older sons.

1 year ago

He’s awful on so many different levels. He has a serious God-complex. And wasn’t Robyn divorced before she married him? Guess your beliefs only apply when they are convenient for you. This show needs cancelled right now. He just gives me a bad feeling. He looks like he could snap at any minute. I’ll bet he is at least verbally abusive to all of them.