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Sister Wives: Christine Brown says Kody doesn’t want an ‘intimate’ marriage, moves out his belongings

Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown packed up Kody’s belongings and put them in the garage. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was fed up with Kody Brown, and after admitting that he didn’t want to have an “intimate” marriage, she packed his belongings and put them in her garage.

Christine Brown has found her voice on Season 16, and Sister Wives fans are here for it.

Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules for his family have taken center stage this season on Sister Wives, causing division among his family.

In order to be able to spend time with Kody physically, his wives and children were expected to adhere to his long list of precautions. Because not all of his wives and kids were onboard, Kody went nearly an entire year without seeing some of them.

Christine, Kody’s former third wife, had the biggest issue with Kody’s protocols and his insistence on enforcing his rules rather than being there for his wives and children, which most Sister Wives fans feel attributed to her leaving the plural marriage.

Last season, Kody refused to travel with Christine to attend their daughter Ysabel’s surgery in New Jersey and left all of her round-the-clock aftercare to Christine.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown packs up Kody’s belongings

Now, Christine is beginning to give some hints this season that she was preparing to leave Kody long before announcing it in November 2021.

During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Christine admitted that her daughters struggled to respect their dad because he had “favorites” within the family.

It’s been rumored that Christine said her split from Kody and the events leading up to it would be aired this season, and that looks to be the case.

At the end of the episode, during a sneak peek for another episode, Christine is seen telling the camera during a confessional, “We’re done. We’re not gonna hang out again.”

Kody Brown ‘isn’t interested’ in intimate marriage with Christine Brown

During the next scene, Christine self-filmed from her bed and told the cameras, “He said, ‘I am not interested in having an intimate marriage anymore.’ I’m not okay with staying in a marriage where there is no intimacy.”

Next, cameras cut to Kody’s home footage of himself from Christine’s garage.

“I came out to the garage while I was at Christine’s house,” Kody tells the camera as he pans to boxes labeled with his name and his belongings.

“Kody’s books. Kody’s clothes,” the Brown family patriarch said out loud as he showed the boxes Christine had labeled. “I guess I’ve been moved out of the house.”

In another clip, Christine sat tearfully at a table and began to sob as she revealed, “I don’t know what to tell my kids.”

Christine has left Kody and moved back to Utah, which has been a dream of hers for several years, and it seems as though the 49-year-old mom of six is thriving there and living her best life.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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    • I am so happy Christine is leaving him . She looks much happier and she could find someone that love her the way she want. You go girl.

      • I am happy to see these ladies step up and leave. The marriage was all fun and grand at the beginning but as the wives really got to know this creep they were already stuck in the abusive relationship with nowhere to run. It took years for them to gain the strength and courage to leave. Now just look at how healthy and happy they are. Beat it Kody, you are a puke. Now ladies take ur kids and dont turn back. The world is such a brighter place.

  1. I’m pretty sure he’s not had an Intimate relationship with Christine for a while and I’m guessing the same for Janelle too. He’s already made it very clear he’s not interested in Meri either. That leaves ONLY Robin that he’s choosing to have an Intimate relationship with.

  2. Good for you Christine – as hard as it was to take that first step – you are now leaps and bounds better off. No one needs to be controlled or obey anyone else. Clear you head – and your heart. Find someone who only loves only you – you deserve that !!!!

    • Christine seems so much happier, and she has been taking care of herself and the kids for a long long time, I have such respect for her for leaving a very selfish , awful man. Meri stays bc most likely she’s hoping she’ll be the last one to hang on and he’ll want her after all, no respect for her, I think she likes playing the victim, I hope Janelle is the next one, she is a good mom too!

      • I think Meri has grown in many ways these past couple of years. The rest of her family is just beginning to notice this positive change. Remember, they all signed up for plural marriage. You can’t just bail when things get tough, especially when you have all those children.

  3. The best thing Janelle can do for Gabe and his older brother is to teach them that life sometimes gives us what we don’t want, and how to accept that and work with what we have. It saddens me to see those boys disrespect their parents and never give consideration to how the rest of their family is doing as a result of the pandemic and separation of the family.

    • You have to give respect to earn respect. Kody has disrespected all of his kids but Robyn’s. There would’ve been no way I would have stayed away from my daughter having major surgery. He said he would have had to be away from the rest of the family if he went, but he has stayed away from everyone but Robyn.

      • Right?!? He flat refused to go for his daughter’s very serious surgery, but had no issue going to a packed funeral and hugging compete strangers?

  4. Kody is a piece of s**t. Robin loving the attention from Kody she tries to play the victim. But she the one who is the monster wife. And Meri should leave Kody why would you stay if your not wanted F*** Kody…

  5. Christine is just as guilty as Cody. Cody needs to get over himself and Christine needs to get over herself.. I’ve watched this show from the get go and Christine has been the worse of the wives one issue after another. Always the drama queen. She chose the lifestyle. Meri is sticking it out cause she chose to. Respect to her and the rest of the wives. I could not live that life but respect to those who do.

  6. This guy is a jerk. I would have a hard time forgiving or forgetting on he was not by Christine’s side during the daughters surgery. Then not helping with her after care. But getting Robin a nanny
    Goes to Janells moms funeral . And all he worries about is getting home to Robin. Doesn’t go and check on Janelle. That should of been his first stop back in Flagstaff.

  7. I am “Team Christine” ALL THE WAY!!!! NEVER would I allow a guy to control me!! Robyn can have him!!! The others can do MUCH better!! He is a _SS_OLE!!!!

  8. kody is a jerk. Robyn has usurped his attention. No one believes for a minute that she feels bad about it. This show should be cancelled. Its not a polygamous marriage. It a guy who dumped 3 wives in favor of one.

  9. I feel for Janelle & Christine. Robin is a total player & suck up. Meri is an out right bit**. Cody’s comment when Janelles mother died about if he got covid while there & would then miss Ariels birthday, he didn’t think Robin would ever be able to forgive him! Yet Ysabel has major surgery & he doesn’t go!!? Cody showed his true colors, only Robin & HER kids matter to him. Total ASS. If Christine & Janelle leave the show, that’s it, they, & their kids, are the only reason I still watch the show. I’ll never watch the other 3 pieces of crap.


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