Sister Wives: Kody Brown admits he was ‘mean’ and ‘angry’ but defends decision to buy a house anyway

Sister Wives: Kody Brown blasts Robyn for taking Meri's side, says he just gives her 'table scraps'
Kody Brown goes back and forth with Robyn who enraged him on Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown of Sister Wives takes his patriarchal role very seriously. He will curse and yell at his wives when they disobey him, a huge no-no within the family’s fundamentalist Mormon offshoot faith.

Brown used social media to defend his terse exchanges with Robyn, his last wife and the woman who usurped his first wife Meri’s position as legal wife.

Confused? Gather around.

Kody Brown’s outlook on his role as head of household

Defining his religion at the 2010 panel introduction of Sister Wives to the Television Critics Association Summer tour, Kody Brown shared what he believed.

“We are fundamentalist Mormons.  Not Mormons or the Latter-day Saints church,” he said.

Sitting next to him, Christine added, “We are not a part of the LDS church.”

By citing Mormon standards existing in 2010 to clarify his family’s liberal acceptance towards gay lifestyles and other unconventional marriages, Kody followed up.

“So the distinction is as broad and as far from each other as Catholics and Protestants. And I just want to make that distinction very clear. We, as a family, also have adopted a lifestyle because of a faith, but we also have to be very clear that this family is very open-minded, that we have done all we can to be accepting and open to other lifestyles on the same basis that we’ve wanted it for ourselves,” he explained.

Kody apologized for “mean” behavior

After watching the series for years, many viewers believe that the trigger for Kody Brown’s occasional outbursts is related to the family’s overall financial situation.

The stress of moving and not immediately selling the houses in Las Vegas and then taking a hit on the houses that did sell appeared to be the catalyst for the angst and drama this season.

Kody had a plan for the plot of land purchased in Arizona. His idyllic dream was to build a huge compound with stunning scenery and some privacy where all of them would live.

This plan slowly unraveled due to a lack of time and money. As the season progressed, both aspects appeared to upset Robyn the most.

Christine was happy to live apart from the other wives, and Janelle seemed to go along with Kody no matter what.

Meri kept them all guessing as she is in her own world. Based on her communication and her actions thus far, she appeared to have emotionally moved on from Kody and the whole sister wife construct.

One possible reason is that the family gets a significant amount of income from TLC. Because of their reality TV salaries and because her daughter has moved on in her own adult life, Meri no longer needs the support system the way Christine, Janelle and Robyn do with their small children.

Using social media, Brown defended himself for being “mean.” He did so after an emotional March 22 episode in which Robyn’s firm belief that God would provide a rental in the 11th hour would solve their housing crunch issues.

Brown’s more pragmatic and less Godly fervor set him on a warpath. The fuel was Robyn’s refusal to buy into the purchase a house plan (which they did) after her eviction notice was received.

There’s been a lot of moving for the Browns. The family which once called Utah home, and then they did the same in Nevada when they moved to Las Vegas. Now they have happily staked their own domicile claims in scenic Flagstaff, Arizona.

But using his Twitter account, Kody explained his anger at Robyn’s persistence:

“I know I’m being intense here,” Kody, 51, wrote.

“Even mean,” he added. “I’m angry. I have a responsibility to house my children … close enough to see them often. I believe that means I must ‘buy’ a home. Not what I want, but what I MUST do!”

In an exchange on Twitter addressing the impasse with Robyn over housing, Kody shows that he views himself as the alpha and omega of all family decisions.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.


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