Sister Wives: Here’s why Christine Brown was quarantined for Mother’s Day

Sister Wives star Christine Brown
Christine had to spend her Mother’s Day quarantined in her Utah home. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was only able to spend the day with one of her six children because she had to quarantine herself.

Christine was forced to stay inside on the one day of the year which she typically spends with her kids.

On Monday, Paedon Brown, who is Christine and Kody’s only son, explained why on TikTok.

Paedon Brown explains why he and mom Christine Brown quarantined for Mother’s Day

Sharing a video in which he tagged his mom Christine, Paedon captioned his post, “Time with mom.”

Filming from inside Christine’s kitchen in her new Utah duplex, Paedon told the camera, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Christine could be seen in the background, working on a wreath project at the counter, and chimed in, “Happy Mother’s Day!” with a wave.

Next, Paedon explained why he and his mom were spending the day alone together, penned up inside her house. He joked with his viewers, pretending that he wasn’t the one to blame.

“So someone got sick yesterday. It totally wasn’t me, and we may or may not be quarantining because somebody was throwing up,” Paedon joked.

From her safe distance in the kitchen, Christine assured viewers, “It’s just the stomach flu. It’s not COVID[-19]. It’s fine.”

“Yeah, my Mother’s Day present is I get to stay home and do nothing cuz the kids are sick,” Christine added.

Paedon added, “Yeah, I got sick, I was throwing up. Now we’re alone and we can’t have others over, which we’re super sad about, but…

“I know, but we’re playing a Harry Potter game,” Christine pointed out, noting that she and Paedon found a way to enjoy themselves, despite being secluded from the rest of the family.

Sister Wives mother-son duo has cute exchange on TikTok

In the comments section of his TikTok video, Christine wrote, “You are all good hun!!” to which Paedon replied, “Thanks mom.”

One of Paedon’s TikTok followers commented on the video, “LISTEN TO YOUR MOM! she is a super smart woman?” and a reply from Christine’s account read, “She is!”

sister wives fans and christine brown comment on paedon brown's mother's day tiktok video
Pic credit: @paedonbrown/TikTok

It’s unclear whether Christine was tooting her own horn, or if Paedon wrote the comment on her behalf. As Monsters & Critics recently reported, Paedon helped his mom set up her own TikTok account, where Christine said that she’s excited to connect with even more fans on her latest social media platform.

Since splitting from Kody in November 2021, Christine moved back to Utah to be closer to her kids and her first grandchild, Avalon. Paedon recently revealed that he moved farther north to be closer to his mom and sisters as well.

Christine proved once again that despite any negativity surrounding her, she always puts on a happy face and makes the best of the situation.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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