Sister Wives: Paedon Brown moves further from dad Kody, closer to mom Christine in Utah

Kody, Paedon, and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Christine Brown’s son Paedon is moving closer to his mom. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives fame is making the move further north to Salt Lake City, Utah where he’ll be closer to his mom, Christine Brown.

Sister Wives fans know that Christine has been dreaming of moving back to Utah for years. After announcing her split from Kody last November, Christine made her dream come true and returned to the Beehive State.

Christine and Kody share six biological children – Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Paedon, Ysabel, and Truely – most of whom live in Utah. Kody still resides in Flagstaff, Arizona with his other three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown.

Paedon Brown moves further north in Utah, closer to mom Christine Brown

Paedon announced over the weekend that he’ll be even closer to his mom and sisters now that he’s making the move up north.

The 23-year-old shared two pics on Instagram: One of an empty room with freshly vacuumed carpet and the other showed the inside of an empty closet, presumably at his new digs.

“Time for the next chapter to start,” Paedon captioned his post. “I’m moving to the salt lake area.”

Salt Lake City, Utah is about 300 miles north of St. George, Paedon’s former city, and about a four-hour drive via car.

In the comments section, Paedon confirmed where he was previously living, and he received plenty of support from his 57.2k followers.

One of Paedon’s bonus moms, Janelle Brown, who is Kody’s second wife, stopped by his post to comment, “Oh I’m glad to hear this!”

paedon brown receives support on IG after announcing his move from st. george to salt lake city, utah
Pic credit: @paedonbrown/Instagram

Paedon confirmed his previous city was St. George, Utah when a fan asked, “Where are you moving away from?” And when another one of his fans wanted to know whether he’ll be closer to his family in Salt Lake City, he confirmed, “much closer.”

All of Christine Brown’s kids live away from dad Kody

Currently, Paedon’s mom Christine is living in a duplex with her and Kody’s youngest child, 12-year-old daughter Truely. Paedon’s sister Mykelti recently relocated to Lehi, Utah with her husband Tony and their daughter Avalon. Lehi is a quick half-hour drive to Salt Lake City, so Paedon won’t have to drive far to spend time with his sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

Kody and Christine’s eldest child, daughter Aspyn, also lives in the Salt Lake City area with her husband Mitch Thompson. Paedon’s sister Ysabel is currently living in North Carolina with their sister Maddie, whose biological mom is Janelle, while she attends college. It’s unclear where Gwendlyn is living these days.

Paedon will also be closer to his sister Mariah, whose biological mom is Meri, along with her partner Audrey, although Paedon and Mariah are rumored to have a broken relationship. Paedon’s move also means that he’ll now be over 500 miles away from his father, Kody, and more than a seven-hour long car ride away.

Kody still plans to build on Coyote Pass, the family’s property in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, Paedon recently admitted that he doesn’t care what’s going on at Coyote Pass.

During a live Q&A, when asked about his family’s plans with the property, Paedon divulged, “I have no idea if building on Coyote Pass has started. I don’t tend to look into Coyote Pass ever. Like, everything comes up, uh, I’m like, ‘Okay’ and I move on. I’m sorry. I don’t care about Coyote Pass.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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